Request: another fireside chat with Rob


It’s been almost 18 months since <a href=>the last fireside chat with Rob, our esteemed benefactor, and while Reddit gets an AMA, the older and wiser Discourse is left to chill in the fridge. Why don’t we warm up next to a nice toasty fire?


Reddit is better designed for AMAs (same thing as fireside chats) so it’s not really necessary that they do one on discourse.

We all hate using reddit, but AMAs are arguably the only thing it’s actually designed well for.


What questions do you have in mind? just curious


I’ll talk to Rob. I don’t want you guys to feel less important / neglected. We do care!


My emotional blackmail is working…


You’re pulling on my heart strings, by next week I will have invited you to xmas dinner.


Who gets to carve the Soylent?