Request for a Begginer's Guide



I’m waiting on my first DIY Supply order and getting ready to mix. Started thinking of what information I could need next (as it’s a slow as something comically slow day at work). I’ve read a few stories from Rob and on the Forum discussing experiencing of symptoms cause by inbalances in diy solyent. Like I had tingling in my legs so I figured it could be the Niacin (example not real issue) tweeked my Niacin dose and it fixed it…Stuff like that…

What I would personally love and I think could help beginners is a list of known issues you might experience and what could be the cause also what to tweek in your recipe to try and correct that issue.

Example (these are just random creations not true)

Symptom:------------------------------------- Cause and cure:
Trouble Concentration---------------------Less fiber more protien (recommended dose)
Ragging Erection----------------------------Too Much Omega 3
Cant sleep-------------------------------------dont use soy whey.
Always hungry-------------------------------u need more calories more fat till ur used to drinking food. then go back to ur recipe as is and try again.

and so on…in much more detail and well written

Would be very helpful and much appreciated if you all could chime in with any lessons you have learned along the way…

Thanks :smile:


Hmm… I keep tellin everyone we need higher Omega 3’s!!


Gas? Body needs time to adjust to your choosen carb which may or may not happen.
Sulur smell? Your supplementing with sulfur when you dont need too.
Sugar rush? You drank it to fast, or you have too many simple carbs in your formulation
Muscle cramps? Not enough potassium (maybe)
Hungry? Not enough calories. Many people range in need from 1600 on up to 3000 pr more based on what you do during the day, your weight and if you are a man or a woman.


thanks for the info…good to know about the hunger.main concern for switching over to soylent…can always pump up the cals till i get used to things


Is that a joke about Omega 3? I have 15g (900%) of this stuff in my recipe (


yes… a joke… i just made up symptoms to show what kinda info i was looking for…all info in my post if fake as far as i know


Well, I googled anyway, and… it’s not entirely a joke according to some Dr. Chase: