Request for Feedback: DIY based off QuidNYC's Superfood for Him with added green superfoods


Hi! I am putting the finishing touches (recipe here) and about to pull the ‘Amazon Trigger’ on ingredients. I took the QuidNYC’s Superfood for Him recipe and adjusted to give a more chocolate flavoring (by splitting whey concentrate between two different products) as well as adding raw cacao powder.

My goal is to have a beverage that provides all of my nutrition while still having that ‘green’ factor. ie. Greens are good for us and a whole foods diet is probably best all around. With that in mind I included a serving of Amazing Grass Raw Reserve which includes a lot of natural plant nutrients as well as probiotics. The multivitamin has some of those as well but I just feel like the Amazing Grass brand will give my system a much better bang for the buck (plus it’s organic).

For my omega’s - I plan to continue to take these which I have been for a few months now and haven’t had any complaints.

I’m honestly not sure on how it will taste right now but I have a feeling pretty good. With final flavoring adjustable by changing the whey protein mix.

Price wise - I would like to make it a little cheaper but at the same time - I was trying to use high quality/well rated products. Put good stuff in. Good stuff comes out… or something like that. lol

Comments and feedback welcome! This is my first time doing this and even though I’ve been trolling the boards and recipes for a while now trying to assemble something decent for myself - a couple thousand extra sets of eyes never hurts. :smile:

Thanks and have a great day!


The only potential problem I can see is the probiotics munching on your soylent before you drink it. I would suggest taking them on the side. Other than that all looks good.


Thanks! I didn’t even realize that sort of reaction could happen. This is why I ask questions. lol
With that info in mind I switched out the Amazing Grass blend that had probiotics and added in a probiotic pearl (pill).

I’ll post updates as my journey progresses.


@docbrown42, i couldnt find the upper limits of omega3, but it seems like yours in the DIY are hovering close to it. You could have a relook.

Anything above DRI/AI can be classified as excess.


I dont think you can say the amount of 5g is ‘hovering close to upper level’ when no upper level is found. The study was done in mice and i cant really find the exact doses they used.

Others report higher doses up to 8g a day without adverse effects.

But I know from other threads you are more conservative about intake levels than I am. :smile:


I had exactly the same thought as you, and added Amazing Grass to QuidNYC’s ongoing ketosis recipe. I didn’t like the taste so I dropped it, but I didn’t try other flavors than chocolate, nor did I try adjusting amounts of this or other ingredients. Plus Quid’s ketosis recipes are quite different from his superfood recipes, so no doubt it’ll have quite a different impact on taste. Will be curious to hear what you think!


EFSA found no observed effects upto 5mg (but only in studies conducted upto 12 weeks) but there are no studies for higher doses that i am aware of. So since we dont know, its better to play it safe as that was only a 12 wk study.