REQUEST: Paleo-friendly soylent


If anyone could help me in constructing a paleo soylent (strict paleo, no dairy) I’m sure I and many like me would be very greatful.

thanks :slight_smile:

And for those who don’t know: soy isn’t paleo


Are you looking for all-paleo ingredients, or a nutritional makeup that matches a typical what a typical paleo eater consumes? For instance Og didn’t have access to potassium citrate in pure chemical form, but certainly there was potassium in his diet…


haha, this was my first thought too. Seriously, a bit of soy won’t kill you :slight_smile: People have been doing it for ages and they don’t die faster than in the stoneage. Just my opinion don’t be too serious about it.


You will have a very difficult time trying to make a completely paleo version of soylent, I’ve already tried. You don’t have to include soy, but the trouble that I’ve run into is the slow carb issue. I wasn’t able to find a slow carb that was suitable that wasn’t a grain. I went with buckwheat which is pre-soaked, and plan on cooking it a bit before hand which will take care of some of the anti-nutrients, but not all of them. I’m going to keep an eye out for something more in line with paleo though.


I think the official Soylent qualifies as paleo. It contains no dairy. It uses oat powder, but the Soylent team are well aware of the phytic acid issue and are determined to work around it properly. It’s a very high-carb diet, which is atypical in our biological history, but that doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy. The initial testers are being tracked closely and so far all reports I’ve read have been positive.

The only thing about it I would call non-paleo is that it contains zero cholesterol.

The official Soylent formula is based on the best scientific evidence available, not product marketing or even established beliefs. That alone makes it paleo because that is what the paleo diet is all about. We spot something that doesn’t seem to add up, then we re-examine our established beliefs to see where the evidence leads us.

My mix probably comes closer to an ideal paleo mix. It’s not high in carbohydrates and it contains some cholesterol. It does use some diary products though: whey isolate and clarified butter. Both of these have minimal amounts of lactose, but if you are hyper sensitive to it you probably want to avoid them.


Just to throw it out there, there isn’t actually any soy in Soylent. Not sure if you were actually under that impression, but if so it’s a fairly common one – in any case, the name is an allusion, not a descriptor of content :wink:

EDIT: To be clear, I believe there may be some minor component somewhere in the current iteration of the ingredient list which is, strictly speaking, derived from soybeans at some level… but I think most people have reached a pretty general consensus that they don’t consider it to actually be “soy” at that point any more. Someone with a firmer grasp on the specific details of this topic can probably provide more information if needed though.


I’d like to see some formulas that work with a Paleo or Ketogenic diet.
Those are both low-carb diets…Ketogenic rule of thumb for daily calories = about 70% good fats, 20% proteins, 5% veggies for carbs and fiber-
[—until ya have to seriously limit those fresh veggies and other fresh produce, ya don’ know how bad ya want 'em! ]
It’s trickier than most understand, to stick to those percentages–but the results are great for repairing so many health issues, including weight loss.


Problem w/ high carbs, is, so much of world population has gone that way, we see corresponding increases in all sorts of ailments, since carbs become fast sugar energy, which feeds inflammation in the body.
Diets high in carbs teach the body chemistry to use the fast carb energy, runs out fast, body panics & starts storing it. Chemistry still in panic mode wanting to keep it stored as fat–just in case of need. Carbs cause highs & lows–a roller coaster of energy…
Good fats, OTH, without complications from carbs, do a steady even burn.
The Ketogenic diet causes fats to be burned for energy. They burn steady, no roller coaster. Body chemistry readjusts to working properly, so many serious ailments heal–some ailments heal pretty fast–like within several days.
If Soylent is a hope to help poor people survive, I’d be concerned that it lacks adequate real nutrition—though, it sure beats starvation!


@chimonger, you seem ill informed. Paleo is not necessarily a low carb diet. Many prominent paleo bloggers currently believe eating a bunch of carbs is fine. For example, see Kurt Harris’s last (as of my writing this) blog post:

In the past, many of them were anti-carb, but many have changed their views on this.

At any rate, paleo, as I understand it, is mostly about avoiding the crap in modern food, and Soylent does a pretty good job of this. It isn’t high in linoleic acid and is sugar and gluten free (as far as I know).


My apologies–I should have been more specific or detailed.
My understanding was that the Paleo diet was meats, fish, veggies and fruits…clearly more carbs than Keto diet.
I was more focused on the Ketogenic diet needs.
It would be nice to find a formula that fit a Ketogenic diet, which calls for about 70% good fats, 20% proteins, 5% veggies for carbs and fiber—it’s trickier than most realize.
A formula to follow could make it easier.