Request: Update w/salt information


I know it was recommended to add a bit of salt in this post:

But the starter email recommends you learn to prep your Soylent here:

I had forgotten the exact amount of recommended salt to add, and had to go digging. It would be nice if this portion of the site mentioned it somewhere, even if it was a link to this post for convenience.

/2c =)


It was 1/4 tsp, and I doubt they will change the packaging. They are trying to get the formula updated to fix the salt issue, though I don’t know if RFI will let them after the start of the manufacturing process.


i would imagine its going to take quite some time. Even just adding a small amount of salt changes the flavor pretty drastically. However Rob said something in his cake topic that he was a flavoring conference. So i draw from that that he is working on it.


Yeah, I didn’t mean an update to the packaging; just the website itself @ the #prep page. =)


I thought that @JulioMiles was talking about updated instructions a while back, but I don’t remember if that included the sodium increase or not and scrolling through Julio’s profile is a nightmare because everyone keeps tagging him… like I just did.

I agree about updating the prep page though.


When I added salt to my Soylent, I found it completely enjoyable, so flavor shouldn’t be an issue with such a small amount as 1ish gram.


its probably going to be up to each person. I added a small amount to the pitcher and i could tell the difference… didnt like it…


Can’t argue with that, I always liked salty flavors, but my girlfriend hates the flavor of salt (this leads to conflicts in the kitchen heh, yay for soylent)