Requested Change to Subscription/Update Email Address, Cannot Log In


@Soylent I contacted your Customer Care department on Saturday 2/14 to change my subscription from one month to two weeks as well as update the email address associated with my account. The representative made the changes, but I found that I was unable to log in using the new email address afterwards. Attempts to reset the password resulted in the following error:

The email address entered does not belong to any account. Please check the URL in the address bar to ensure you’re trying to login to the right customer portal.

I am concerned that this issue will negatively impact my subscription/reorder cycle, as my subscription is set to renew on 2/25. Please advise, I don’t want to run out of my Soylent!


You should email directly to or with “account update” or “log in problem” in the subject line.


Customer service is no longer being offered via the forum. Tagging @Soylent will do you no good.