Requesting DIY recipe critique


I am a little worried about the whey isolate. So far the texture and flavor are delicious, but I just worry if I’m going over on anything, like amino acids in the Protein powder. I can’t even find anything reputable on what an amino acid overdose does…


not an expert, so this is just my humble opinion.

1.- your carbs are at 80% and your fat is at 170% on this formula. I would tweak that around to get it as possibly close to 100% on each. also, in high carb diets, fats are more complicated, so take care here. I would lower the fats to a near 100% of the fórmulas need and work on how to get the carbs to the amount necessary.

2.- again on the fats. I think your Omega 6 - Omega 3 ratio is a bit off. more or less you got a 20:1 ratio. a healthier ratio would be from 2:1 to 6:1

3.- micronutritional deficits:
Potassium - be careful with potassium deficit. you could get muscle pain or cramps. You’ll notice the effects of potassium deficiency quite fast.
Vitamin C - not that much of a problem.


Thank you for your reply. All excellent points. I’ll try to bring the fats, as well as Omega 3:6 ratio down. I was trying to avoid going over with the chloride more than the potassium. I often wonder how much potassium I was getting in the first place from my diet.


That’s also quite a bit of fiber, which might be unpleasant, depending on your current fiber intake. I’d definitely suggest slowly ramping up to that much. Gastrointestinal distress would be an immediate reaction to suddenly jumping up to 60g from (myself as an example) a typical 10-12g from the pre-soylent diet.

As for “ramping up”, I’d say just try to eat more fiber in your regular diet prior to trying your soylent. Fiber Plus or Fiber One bars as a snack are a good way to experience a flood of fiber (I think they have 10g each).


I have been off and on with my Soylent as I try to find a balance which isn’t harmful. But, I have had no problem with the amount of fiber. I just brought it back down and decided to go heavy on the oat flour.