Requesting Help, suspending shipment


edit on 2014/07/16: issue has been resolved!

Hello, I ordered soylent in November of 2013. I have no idea when or even if my soylent will ever ship, but I need to suspend it, I am undergoing a residential move and cannot risk it being delivered to my old address. I am still waiting for their house to close, so I cannot even offer my future address, it needs suspended for a few weeks.

I emailed Soylent multiple times requesting help starting back in June 9th, over 2 weeks prior to my move. No response from anyone, but it is too late at the moment, I have alread began moving.

I cannot even log into Soylent to manage my information because of the transfer/move they are doing.

Can I get some help? I don’t care about when it will be delivered, I just want to ensure it doesn’t get sent to my old address.


tag @JulioMiles to see if he can help.


Like this? Thanks.


yep… haha…now he is tagged twice.

Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread

can anyone help me out? there is still no response to my support emails i sent over a month ago, and i cannot log into to manage my information.

i do not live in the same address and will be disappointed if it gets delivered at my old address. i need my order stopped or a refund granted, or the subscription portal updated with my information to enable me to fix this matter for myself.


try posting in the official shipping thread

@JulioMiles tagging you again Julio!


email . Try messaging the moderators, and emailing any of the official soylent emails you can find.


Hi – please just email with your new address when possible. I’ll make sure that your current order doesn’t get shipped until the address is updated. Thanks!


that worked, i got a response in minutes, thanks!