Research shows that gut microbiota can affect the brain


I’d be interested to hear whether Soylent has any intentional bacteria in it. If so, which ones and why? If not, should we mix our Soylent with multi-bacterial yogurt?


There certainly are plenty of probiotic powders that could be added to a mix.


Hm… I added a probiotic fungal one time.
The problem is, soylent is extremely good mixture to let such probiotics grow.
After an hour, I saw 10 cm long white strains swimming in my soylent… :stuck_out_tongue:


I mix bio kult (probiotic mixtrue) with inulin and psylium husk.
I drink this solution every morning and evening.
If I do this, I don’t need to add fiber to my soylent, and this makes sure I have daily bowel movements.
Besides that, I notice that my stools are so clean that I wouldn’t even need toilet paper if I wanted to.


That is a very small sample size, however it’s findings aren’t all that surprising. For example it’s been known for a while that Diarrhea and Constipation have profound impacts on the behaviors and development of autistic children, and behaviors and disease progression in people with Alzheimer’s Disease. UTI’s also tend to have profound impacts on the mental status of those patients, while I don’t work with many Autistic patients, I do work regularly with Alzheimer’s patients, and with those patients with UTI’s run a very high risk of permanent mental degradation when they get one.

I would add a bit of caution though: We are still relatively early in our understanding and developments of probiotics, so I wouldn’t go overboard with them. My understanding is that most probiotics on the market have only one bacteria in them. The current thinking of a lot of researchers is that a combination of them may be best, and the ideal flora composition may be unique to each individual, based on individual body physiology, and diet. Like I said it’s early in the research still so I would proceed with caution with using them, and avoid using them if you are immunocompromised.


I think probiotics should not be mixed into the drink itself–it is essentially a nutrient solution. It should not be necessary to take probiotics unless you’ve taken a course of antibiotics and are trying to replenish your gut fauna. And of course, most probiotics only contain a small handful of species.


Several companies sell powders you can add to a drink like a smoothie that contains the two most common bacteria found in yogurt.