Reselling Maltodextrin and Protein (Germany)


Hey there soylent users,
a month ago I stopped my DIY Soylent experiment, because I just didn’t got my formula to work for me. I’m now back on solid food because my own formula wasn’t good for my wellbeing.

But I’m sure some of you have a better grasp on their formula or still want to try. Because I have Ingriedients as leftovers, barely used (and almost new), I thougt I ask here if anyone wants to buy Maltodextrin and Protein for less than in the store.

What I offer:

  • 1 original 4kg bag Protein (Impact Whey Isolate from with 3.2 kg left
    the bag was always closed, so no moisture or anything else could get in. The proteine is dry, clean and without an artifical taste (neutral flavor).

  • 1 original 5kg bag Maltodextrin ( unopened! It’s still sealed and closed, the full 5kg.

  • 1 original 2.5kg bag Maltodextrin (also, opened but sealed all the time, so the powder is dry and clean. Content is 1.5kg.

Here are the product sites:


if you scroll down on both sites, there are Certificates of Analysis for more information.

The original price for the 4kg protein was 77€, the original price for the maltodextrin was 16€ for the 5kg and about 10€ for the 2.5kg.
I would ship to Germany and EU only. If anyone is interested, please send me an offer for the price (or an answer in this post), it would be sad to dump this stuff. Please think about shipping costs in your offer (in germany this would be around 12€, France for example around 30€).

thanks for reading!