Responses to criticism of Soylent


This thread is created for people to collect or write responses to direct or indirect criticism of Soylent.
Focus on writing a rational response. Point out specific factual inaccuracies that the author(s) may have made, any invalid assumptions and the lack of supporting research for any points made. General responses to questions can also be made like some questions mentioned in the main website’s FAQ.

No product is perfect and Soylent will continue to improve with the help of feedback and valid criticism.
I’m just a consumer like most of you and I’m not part of Soylent’s team. I just wanted to make this after I came across one certain criticism which I will mention below. This was the study in which mice were fed powdered food.


Article being respond to:
Soylent-style powdered food shows bad long-term consequences in mice

I will add to this later but for now refer to the first link below.

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First of all it was a study on mice and not humans and secondly it wasnt Soylent that was used. I take very little from that article/study.


Misleading mouse studies waste medical resources


I feel like this thread is fine as long as everyone who participates doesn’t blindly defend Soylent to every person who has a legitimate concern or question about the product. We all dislike misinformed opinion pieces, but the food powder is not fallible. There will be revelations in the future about what needs to change about Soylent. The more honest everyone is, the better the product will be in the end. Honesty includes people raising questions that come up, or personal observations.


I had already starting doing exactly this. I’ve found a few articles and I e-mailed the author in a nice way and asked questions. I’ve received responses back and their responses were nothing like what their article said. I’m glad there is now a form topic for this.

It’s easier to get a straight answer if you ask them if they are basing their summary on a past emotional experience or if their summary is based on logic and reason.