Restarting Soylent: Once more with feeling


Hiya! So I had confessed to falling off the Soylent wagon a couple weeks ago. Well, today I got 1.1 and am going to restart this weekend. And I’m being upfront about it all.

I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning and will get blood work, which I can compare to my last (December of 2012). At the time, I was Vitamin D deficient (and have not taken any supplements to correct it). Cholesterol was 235; triglycerides 72; HDL 69; LDL 152. I was slightly hyperthyroid at 5.94. Glucose was 92. No ketones in urine.

I did absolutely nothing to improve any of this, but started DIY Sept - Dec., 2013 and Soylent May - Sept., 2014. I’m sure not enough to make any major changes to my blood work. Therefore, a new beginning. Blood work tomorrow and a Soylent regime and then blood work a few months after.

The cool thing is, I’m excited again. Perhaps it’s the new packaging or the new formula, but whatever it is, I’m looking forward to a new beginning.


Cool. I’ll be interested in the results of your lab crap, did you do anything like that during your first stint on The 'Lent? Like, having definitive results of before/after? I think that would be really fascinating.


I didn’t. And I’m kicking myself for not doing it. But, maybe the 8 out of 23 months of doing some version of Soylent caused some improvements? And if there are any improvements to my blood work, I’d have to contribute them to Soylent because, seriously, I changed nothing else. In fact, today I took my 3rd vitamin D pill in 2 years. The first one being December, 2012. :smile: