Results of the 2015 soylent Eaters Survey


Thanks to everyone who participated, the results of the survey are in:


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This is very interesting stuff. Depending on how you interpret the results, you might become more or less skeptical about the changes introduced in v1.4. The reductions in protein and fiber are concessions to people who had trouble making Soylent 100% of their diet–but now we have data showing that a majority of Soylent users make it a smaller percentage of their diet. The question is, did the people who settled on ~50% Soylent consumption try for 100% and then back off (i.e., the 1.4 changes would help them meet their original goal)? Or did they never intend to go up to 100% (i.e., the 1.4 changes are beside the point)?

As a 50% Soylent user, I personally never intended to go up to 100% because I appreciate variety and the social rituals surrounding food. That’s why I’m disappointed to be missing out on extra protein and fiber.


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Thanks for putting this together. This is a starting point for what I am sure will be a number of research projects to come. As one of the 14% I believe there will be more female adopters as the market grows. The early adopters were mostly male likely due to the original tech community that is as we know primarily male that picked up @rob blog.
Looking forward to more.


For the record, exactly half of the custom recipe requests I get at Custom Body Fuel are from women. There may be fewer women placing orders, but when it comes to requesting a custom blend, it’s a completely even split between men and women.

Interesting, eh? :wink:


It is. I’ve been tempted to order myself (through Reship of course), because I would like to find a formula that I can relax with.

To explain that. In my youth I had a couple of misfortunate experiences with wine. So now I can enjoy it. But it’s a careful enjoyment. Beer, on the other hand, has no such effects. I can sit and be sociable without worrying about ill effects.

Or I used to. I quit drinking except during family visits which are few enough it can never be a habit. Drinking is expensive beyond even my lavish resources.



What are the various ‘custom body fuels’ you offer axcho.


Sharing some data that wasn’t in the report, the % of women from before we reached out to our lists was even lower, 10%. I haven’t cut the data yet, but I suspect the drive from 10% to 14% was partially driven by your recipes being more female friendly.


Wow, great report… very interesting. The potential market section especially… It will be interesting to see how RL expands once their production catches up with present demand. Will we see Soylent marketing? With the DIY suppliers business’ grow proportionally? (enough that they too can support more marketing?) Will this drive price completion for some of the existing corporate meal replacements (Ensure, Boost…) Should be a fascinating year!


You can look them up on his website.

And, because he’s crazy (in the best way), you can even request more modifications to make your own custom recipe.