Results of the DIYers


For those of you who are making your own stuff, what have your results been like?

I’m looking at trying to make my own and would love to know how its gone for everyone. I found a few people mentioning their results by searching around, but surprisingly not many people seem to be talking about what effect it’s had on them, just how to make it and so on.

Some of you are probably pretty healthy people already, and might not see as much of a difference, so it will be helpful to know what your diet was like before you started on soylent. Also, are you on it exclusively or just using it for some meals?

Any details you would be willing to give on what’s in your mix would be helpful too. If you’ve already described it elsewhere please link to that. If you don’t wish to list all of your components I would just like to ask if you are getting all the elements separately or taking the multi-vitamin approach for some of them.



I find myself just posting links to my blog everywhere these days ^.^

Hope it helps you :slight_smile:


Cool! I will be keeping an eye on your progress updates with interest :slight_smile:


I’ve been doing DIY for a couple of months now. Personally I haven’t written it up yet because it’s too early to say anything meaningful. Suffice to say I feel fine, look forward to real meals but love the convenience of soylent, and have come to realise that unflavoured recipes are much more sustainable in the long term (you get really sick of chocolate flavour when you have it for every meal). I’ll do a comprehensive write up with data after four or more months.


Oh, and a great starter recipe is the Hacker School Soylent:

I have UK sources for all the ingredients if you need them.


Oh, another thing I’ve learned is that flax seed and psyllium husk as fibre sources are god awful due to taste and texture. They nearly convinced me to stop soylent. Xanthan gum (for insoluble) and Inulin (for soluble) fibre are the best textured fibre sources, no flavour. They are strong thickening agents though, so you’ll need to dilute more and therefore drink more volume if you go that route.


I’ve had great success during my first week with my home-made soylent – recipe here

I have adjusted the oat flour to make my own using my vitamix and steel cut oats. I also added whole grain buckwheat flour to the mixture to make it 10% buckwheat/90% oats. When I make the soylent, I mix the buckwheat/oat flour with 2 cups of warm water, and let it sit for 6 hours to take care of some of the phytic acid content.

Thus far, I have been having it for breakfast and lunch. So far, I feel great.


lol I just got my 5kg bag of chocolate whey :smiley:


I started a 2-meal/day replacement using the Hacker School Soylent recipe two weeks ago. I’ve been keeping a daily blog here and finally posted two week results here.

So far I’ve been very pleased with the results–enough that I’ll be continuing the experiment for at least another two weeks and have done my first bulk purchases from Amazon. (The specific Amazon items I’m using are listed here.)

My biggest goal is weight loss and to eventually eat to sustain my lower weight. I think that might be possible with Hacker School Soylent. I find that my food cravings have reduced and that I’m able to say ‘no’ to foods that I usually have a problem with. (Of course, this could all be a placebo effect, too.)

I took to HSS pretty quickly and didn’t have a hard time adjusting. I drink 100-200mL when I’m hungry and then wash it down with some water. Usually that will resolve any temptations.

I haven’t noticed any “magical” improvements in cognition or attitude, but I have moved from a 6 to roughly a 4.5 on the Bristol Stool Scale, which has made me very happy. Additionally, I feel much more “even” in terms of energy and hunger. I’ve written in more detail on my blog.

I’m surprised at how few results stories we’ve seen in the forum (I’ve been lurking for months.) I’d certainly love to hear more results from people, too!


Today is my first day!!!

I have been working on my own recipe of Soylent. It is still currently a work in progress though I have gotten to a point that I am comfortable consuming it for long periods now. I also plan to put up a blog, and though my Soylent consumption will not be the main focus, it will be a big one.

I was surprised how much I have to consume each day. I was expecting it to be much less though I am consuming slightly over a pound of soylent a day. I have no problem with the taste or consistency at all and intend to consume it Monday to Saturday for all of meals, and consume solid food Sundays.

I’ll report back what it’s like Sunday :smile: