Retail Soylent - way too expensive

So the other day I read that Soylent was now in HEB stores and since I shop at HEB all the time, I decided to see if my store had it.

I was surprised when they actually did! And I bought my first ever Soylent drink, a Coffiest in fact.

However, I was at the store with my girlfriend who had never heard of Soylent before, and when I grabbed the bottle she said “that’s $4 for one bottle, that’s really expensive.” I said yeah it is but it’s a complete meal so it makes sense that it costs more than the ~$2 sugary drinks that were right next to it.

Well guess what happened then. I walk through the check out and my girlfriend gets her groceries. Then I check out my lone bottle of Soylent and the cashier scans it and immediately says “woah that’s $4 for just that bottle, that’s weird” and then I pay.

As you can see, retail Soylent clearly has a pricing problem. The first two reactions of two separate people seeing it were to immediately criticize the high price. If Soylent expects to become a retail success, they are going to have to compete with comparable protein shakes which were stocked on the shelf right next to it, which cost $2-3 per bottle.


I don’t entirely disagree with you, but they also have no idea what it is and are assuming just based on size, shape, and general contents (a drink), that $4 is “too expensive”. What if it was a bottle full of gold dust? Then it would be super cheap! Soylent doesn’t compare on any level to those other drinks (as you obviously know!) but people who lack that knowledge will compare it to what they do know. That’s just the way it is… they wouldn’t think buying their entire fresh healthy lunch from the trendy health-food joint down the street was “too expensive” at $4, but that’s because they’d understand what they were getting… or at least think they did.

I’m all for prices eventually coming down, but Rosa Labs needs to make a profit, and buying individual one-offs of anything always includes a premium. Personally I don’t have a problem with this… but then I’ve never even seen it in a store to buy a single bottle even if I wanted to! :slight_smile:

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This leans on our marketing team to get the knowledge out. They are a small group, but we are getting better at messaging.


Agreed, there is a big need for education about what Soylent is, and isn’t, and how it’s not “just another protein powder”.
I’ve actually yet to encounter anyone outside of this forum who actually “got it” about Soylent, and I include journalists. Well I think there was the one guy from Ars Technica who seemed to get it, so I suppose that’s the exception.

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Where did you read it was available at HEB?

And what is HEB anyway?

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heb is a more local sourced grocery store i think, there are some kind of near me and i like their selections better than the more commercialized walmart selection

Yeah must be local/regional, I’ve never heard of it in the peninsula/south bay area.

HEB is awesome and only in South Texas. High end food at good prices. Great produce, awesome fresh seafood, and the best lemonade I’ve had. Wish they’d expand to Utah.

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