Returning customer but "Timeline" says delivery in "10-12 weeks"?


@Soylent “Thank you! You have confirmed your pledge for Soylent - Free Your Body (updated on 04/15/14).” is what I have in my email box. I got my package, and I like it! I used the same email I first ordered soylent with back in April to sign up for a subscription today, yet I still have: “Signed up on 20-Oct-2014. Your first delivery will be made 10-12 weeks after your signup date.” under my “Timeline” in my account. I do not wish to get my Soylent in 10-12 weeks, but 1-2 weeks as promised for a returning customer. Will I get my soylent in 1-2 weeks despite this info. displayed in my account? If not, how do I ensure that I do get it sooner?

Help is much appreciated! Thank you

Reordering to increase subscription

First you should tag @Soylent to get their attention. Hopefully they or someone on this forum will have something more constructive to say.


Thanks! I have done so now, correct?


I’d send them an email, because they’ve been ignoring everyone on these forums the last few days. The email takes 7-10 days for them to reply but might as well do it just in case.


Thanks for the advice. I will email them


There is nothing on the customer side of the site that will indicate it is a reorder, it always gives the new customer timeline (currently 10-12 weeks), but they do recognize it as a reorder when you use the same email address.


Good to hear! How did you know?


The question has come up here several times, the team has always given the same answer.


Awesome, thanks for your help.


This is correct – as long as you used the same email address as previous orders, your subscription will activate & ship in 1-2 weeks. Thanks for your support!