Returning Customers/Backers


I saw a recent post where someone asked if a backer were to place an order on the main Soylent website, would that order be considered a new customer, or a returning customer. I believe the VP of Marketing, or something similar, replied to the question stating that if a backer uses the same email they used during the backer phase, the system would recognize their email address, and yes, the order would ship out in the 1-2 weeks for returning customers, versus the 4-5 months for new customers.

My question is, if, as a backer, I have not yet received my initial week of Soylent, or even the starter kit, and I decided to place an order on the Soylent website using the same email that I used to back Soylent, would I receive that order before I receive my starter kit and the backer order, or do I need to wait until the backer order ships before my email would be recognized in the system?


I had emailed and asked this question several months ago… the answer they basically gave me was : We’re not sure exactly where it will end up in the shipping queue, just re-order after you’ve received your first order.


Your 1-2 week reorder-shipment privilege as a repeat customer doesn’t start until your original order is shipped. (A lot of us who are still awaiting our first taste of Soylent 1.0 would just order some more, if it would be shipped in 1-2 weeks because we’re “reordering.” ;))


The latter. Apologies for the confusion!