Returning to Soylent, New recipe, Feedback desired


I am trying to return to Soylent use. I made a new recipe to alleviate a frustration with my old recipe.

The old recipe was based on Tortilla Perfection which used Soybean Oil. I would mix the powder and portion the meals into resealable bags. This meant it was easy to take into work. However I never worked out a satisfactory way to portion out the oil. Meaning that for a lot of meals it was just left it out.

Using MCT Powder as a source of fat, I think I now have an all dry recipe. Recipe Link.

I would like to know your thoughts before purchasing the ingredients. Did I screw up the nutrient profile? Is there a cheaper version of this already? Or one that doesn’t use pills? Did I accidentally stumble on the recipe for concentrated dark matter?


As far as portioning out the oil goes I would recommend these bottles. You will need a funnel to get the oil in there. Depending on how obsessed you are with getting the exact right amount of oil in your lunch soylent I recommend this dosage glass. Vitamins A,D,E, and K are fat soluble, meaning that you NEED to take them WITH fat so your body will absorb them. Your running the risk of a deficiency if you don’t.

You, like many people, seem to of fallen into the mistaken impression that fat is fat and that you can somehow survive off of MTC oil alone. You don’t have near enough omega 3, 6, or 9. I would suggest starting here for some good info on healthy fats. Basically your body needs a minimum of 3-4g of omega 6 per day and should get at least a gram of omega 3 from a non-plant source (the exception being algae). Your body does a lousy job of converting plant omega 3s to the DHA and EPA it needs.

Yes there are LOTS of cheaper recipes out there. My soylent Green is about $3 per day cheaper than your recipe and uses fewer ingredients. You may want to experiment with different flavors. As is our recipes are a little on the blah side.

As far as pills go capsules like the vitamin K in your recipe can be twisted open and its contents added to your soylent. For sold pills they can be added to the soylent the night before and allowed to dissolve overnight. Just give it a good shake the next morning. If that doesn’t work a good pill crusher will do the job. Gell caps on the other hand must be taken on the side. They don’t dissolve very well in water.

Yes. Yes you did. You should have a sample every morning.


So based on your response, my pursuit of a dry soylent (no liquids except water) is an impossible task.

I suspected that I was lacking in it. But couldn’t find advice from anyone that wasn’t also selling something.

It is humbling to see my reference to Rick and Morty repurposed into a poop joke.


I wouldn’t say that. I believe that 100% Food uses ground flax and chi seeds to provide the essential fat. It may be worth looking at some of spaceman’s recipes and seeing how he handles the fat issue. The only problems I can see with that approach is the texture (which may or may not be an issue for you) and the fact that it would be plant based ALA omega-3 which your body does a bad job of converting to DHA and EPA.


My dry recipe uses chia seeds for the omegas, but as horsfield mentioned, there is a texture. To minimize the texture, I mix a day’s worth at night and let it dissolve overnight. In the morning, I blend it for 30 seconds and the result is a nice thick shake. Taking the dry powder and adding water at work would turn out lumpy, which I didn’t like, so I just take a blender bottle with me already mixed up for lunch.


I have redone my nutrient profile and recipe. Using one of QuidNYC’s profile, I now have more omega 3s and omega 6s present in the recipe. I also made sure to include a fish oil pill for the DHA and EPA. In a perfect world the recipe would be cheaper but I think it is satisfactory.

Recipe Link.

Can I get some feedback on both the recipe and nutrient profile? What did I miss?


Looks pretty good. If you find you like this recipe, you can scale up to larger bulk protein and cut costs that way. Vitacost-brand lecithin granules are a great price.

I think the fish oil pill could be a good idea. Let us know how it goes.

The iron level is a little high. You could switch to the Kirkland 50+ to reduce the iron level.

A little high on the niacin. Nothing to worry about, but might notice it if you’re not used to those levels.

Fiber is also a little high. You might notice that too if you’re not used to it.

Have you tried the flaxseed before? I found it didn’t dissolve, so was a little gritty for my tastes.


reduce the omega 3 a little bit. That much could cause bleeding issues. Although its for EPA/DHA as far as i remember, its better to be safe than sorry.