Reusable Containers

So I am a delivery driver and Soylent Powder is my cost efficient no more kitchen hassle solution to hunger. Right.

So I carry a couple bags in my car at a time and have a gallon of water I refill at retailers. I mix 1 scoop of Soylent Powder with 1.75 scoops of water (I like my mix a bit thicker than the 2 scoops) and I have a meal.

Only… I can’t solve the container issue. You see I need something reusable so my car doesn’t fill up with trash and it needs to be easy to clean. Every cup and bottle with a lid I have not only never meets the right proportions but also make a mess when I shake them or has hard to reach while rinsing.

So I need something that is just a little more volume than 3 scoops, has a easy to clean lid, and maybe even a little stir ball inside? What you guys think?

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It sounds like you’re looking for a Blender Bottle.

They come in a couple different sizes, they’re very easy to clean, and I’ve never had a problem with one leaking. Pour in enough water to cover the blender ball, dump in the powder, then pour in the rest of the water, and you’re golden.


I’ve been using Blender Bottles since I first heard about Soylent. I couldn’t use Soylent (because of horse killing farts) until 1.6 so I was doing DIY for a LONG time. The bottles worked perfect all that time. Now I just don’t use the BlenderBall since I mix up one days worth at a time.

I all my years of usage, I have never had a Blender Bottle leaks or wear out. There are different brands out there so you can always try those as well.

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Yup; I bought two Blender Bottles back when I first started with 1.5. Never had an issue with them. The ball was helpful with 1.5 but the later iterations mix a lot easier (I keep using the ball regardless). They’re good for mixing perfectly sized portions when using a scale.

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Blender bottles are great when you have access to them, twice this month I went to stay with family a couple hours away from where I live and remembered the Soylent but forgot the bottle. I have found that a Ragu jar works just fine for me, mixes, doesn’t leak and cleans easily. I prefer to have my blender bottle for convenience but sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do. Maybe next time I won’t forget it, but if I do that Ragu jar is in the cupboard waiting for me.