Revenge of the square bottles?


After receiving round bottles for nearly a year, my most recent subscription was filled with the old-style square bottles with an expiration date of Nov 2019.

As I recall, the expiration dates on the square bottles were much more optimistic (2 years?) than the expiration dates on the round bottles (1 year?).

So, unless they’ve changed back to square bottles for some reason then, basically, they sent me Soylent that’s nearly a year older than the last batch they sent me (round bottles expiring Oct 2019).

Given that the site says that nutritional value degrades after a year, I’m not very thrilled with this and would like to know if anyone else has seen the same thing?


The expiration date on both bottles is one year, and the only reason there are two styles of bottles is that they needed to expand production.

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OK, set aside how unbelievably weak of a statement “our product is good for twelve months and it’s our policy to get it to the customer with at least two months left” is.

The “two bottles” FAQ is pretty old information; it’s from 2017. To the best of my knowledge, the (markedly inferior, IMHO) old square bottles were phased out due to the difficulty of producing (and opening) them, so they went to the new round design, and that FAQ refers to the transition. Anything in sqround bottles is therefore (very) old stock.

To back this up, the sqround bottles I receive have the old (pre-sale) label design with an “Love Soylent” SMS number instead of an “Talk to us” email address. So they’re for sure old. Also, they clearly taste very different than the rocket bottles.

The idea that Soylent is making and selling two completely different things as the same product is pretty farfetched,

(And Soylent definitely did have a 2-years-from pack date expiration date at one point. I am not sure when they changed it to 1 year.)

Easy to resolve, though. Does anyone know how to look at the box and decode the information there to find/compute the production date?


Honestly, I don’t see your issue. Are you saying you don’t believe the expiration date? You don’t believe that the expiration has always been 1 year from manufacture? You got bottles that are perfectly fine to drink. They aren’t ancient as you are claiming. I’m getting sqround bottles also in my shipments and everything indicates that they are still being manufactured (or were up until fairly recently).

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I have been wondering when I’m going to get Original Soylent in the round bottles. Have never seen that… only ever received the old squircle bottles. Every other flavor has now converted to round, but not original for some reason. Go figure.


As I said, I know for a fact that the Soylent expiration date used to be two years. I have been using Soylent since 1.0 powder and the accompanying death gas. If you don’t believe the expiration date used to be two years, that’s your problem, not mine.

What is this “everything” that indicates that your bottles were manufactured recently? Because “everything” indicates mine weren’t and I described specifically what I meant by that.

(And again, the best case scenario here is “recently” was half the product’s shelf life. I hope that’s the case, but I’m apparently less willing to blindly accept it than you are.)

What I don’t know is when the expiration date switched to one year or how to tell the production date of a certain bottle. So I’ve asked. If you know, please share the information.


I believe the change from 2yrs to 1yr was a long time ago and related to the powder… If I recall, it was mostly due to the potency of a few micronutrients after 12mo.


Thanks @GregH you may be right about that, what you’re saying sounds very familiar and I have gotten both powder and drinks over the years. But it would be great to have an official source, or to figure out exactly when the bottles are produced to be sure.

Nov 2017 does count (to me) as a long time ago. (And arguing whether Nov 2018 counts as “recent” seems a bit bleak, much less whether it’s OK to sell two different things as the same product and give the customer no idea which one any given order will be.)


Most manufacturers do set their powder’s expired date between 6-12 months. As you state, they reasoning behind this is that you will start “losing” some micronutritents after this period. The powder will still be OK to consume and you won’t notice any difference; but nutritionally it will be weaker.