Reverse-engineering Veetal (German meal supplement)


Hi all,

there is a verry delicious soylent clone in germany whith a nice chocolate flavor and not to much calories, so think useres can also lost whight.
I have a list whit ingriedients but I dont now how to bring this in the rigamount.
Is there anyone who is interestet to rebuild the recepi?
Also the price is verry high for a daily replacement, it costs 7 Euro a day, I think whit back dev, we can do this for less money.
The Nutritionfacts which commes whit the veetal I postet here so you can have a look.

All the best Theo


Hi Theo,

Your post is a little confusing, and hard to read. I think what you’re saying is something like:

I found a German meal replacement called Veetal that I like, but it costs a lot. I want to ask people here about looking at the ingredients and rebuilding something like it with DIY Soylent.

Is that about right?

The website has a lot of recipes already - if you look through them, you might find something you like. There are also some people here who might have advice on making your own.

If you don’t mind, I’ll rename this topic so that it’s easier to understand what’s in it. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Fwiw the daily cost is more about 8 to 11 € and its still missing oil which has to be added according to the instructions.
The list of ingredients looks kind of interesting, because they use some higher bio-available nutrients and also often different forms of the same nutrient.
Also they added some extra ingredients like chia seeds, spirulina, coconut extract, green tea extract, grape seed extract and pepper extract. They’re using hemp protein in addition to their whey protein. All in all a very interesting product, although I think it’s too pricy at the moment and the information on their website is pretty sparse.


Hi Tesseract,

you are right, ok sorry for my bad english, but I think what veetal produce is also a soylent, I never heart sommethin bevore from them and when I use google search soylen germany I can find veetal.
I also studiet a lot of recepi from diy soylent but found nothing which commes in the the same direction.

Best Theo


Hi johnp_

thank you for your replay.
Yes I forgot the oil, the oil is on the preperetaion instruciton.
Anyway, it will be interesting to start to rebuild veetal by our own and maybe it can becomme a better price.
Do you think this is possible?
How we can filter out the ingredients there doublet in the list.
I think there blowed the list a little bit to give the custommer a better fealing.

Do you think you can do sommeting in this direction?

All the best Theo


Filter out chia…has too much manganese. It will also reduce the price. Use hemp seeds instead of them, they too have good omega 3.


Edit…I was wrong i am sorry. Hemp has even more manganese than chia. Continue with chia.