Review: 100%FOOD Double Protein Chocolate


Used the supplied bottle…Didn’t have time to get the sport bottle today. Mixed well. Drank it all within 5 mins. Some small amount left at the end, I didn’t have the time to get out…Powder was mixed, it was just some seeds and a tiny bit of liquid…But…I’m still hungry…

I think I have 2 flavors that I would consistently buy if I were to continue on with 100%FOOD…There are many more I haven’t tried yet though, so the saga continues.

Review: SpaceNutrientsStation 100%Food

Double Protein Chocolate is my favorite too. I find i need to drink more water and wait 20 minutes and then i feel satiated.


So today I was having the chocolate for breakfast… and I didn’t properly close the BlenderBottle before I started shaking away… and, basically, now I need a new keyboard and a change of clothes.


I’m sorry to hear about the state of your keyboard and cloths, but am also grateful for the chuckle. (This is something I can totally see myself doing!)


I know your pain… And I often shake rather vigorously…


Muggle - When you say you are still hungry, can you dig into this a bit more? I found my biggest adjustment in going to DIY was learning to let go of ever “feeling full”. I am a DIYer to clarify but I’ve learned to treat my hunger/satiety as something that fades in and out. After a shake I don’t necessarily feel satiated either but within 15-30 minutes find myself no longer feeling any symptoms of hunger. I can’t speak to Spaceman’s stuff but I’m current running a mix that is right about 33/33/33 fat/protein/carbs and have found that to be the ideal mix for keeping my hunger away!


@Spaceman says - you just need more water during eating or after. Then fiber will make it work and you will feel saturated. (We can make bigger bottles for that, but it will increase shipment cost.)

Regarding ratio, @Endtropy - what is behind your 33/33/33 choice?
Personal feelings only or is there any diet / science?


Nothing scientific outside of I’m not afraid of fats and I think carbs are over-rated. I attempted to go lower on carbs using various methods (coconut flour, less and less corn masa, etc.) but found that taste/texture/mouth feel took a big hit. I am an athletic weight lifter so I also need significantly more protein then the RDI. Over the last 4 months of recipe modification I ultimately ended up with something very close to “the zone” diet without actually having that goal.

Ideally I wanted to get carbs as close to 100-120 as possible (currently at 171g). Right now my recipe gets me 166 grams of protein and stays under 2000 calories a day (my other loose “target”). So yeah, not an exact science, just me playing with different ratios and ingredient levels to find something that is lower in carbs, higher in protein, yet still tastes and feels good enough that I WANT to eat it instead of forcing myself to it it.


Oh, I see, the taste led you to your formula… up to Zone…

We also experimented with taste first, trying to stay in 2000 cal frames.
But now, we’re looking further. We understand that we can make tasty blends tailored to specific needs. For instance we offer Double Protein Chocolate for bodybuilders and Low Carb Chocolate for weight loss.

But due to collaboration with our Registered Dietitian at Powdered Foods Marketplace - we plan to collect from different DIY-producers nutritionally complete foods for more specific needs:

Weight Loss


  • Muscle Building
  • Endurance


  • For intellectual / creative work
  • For sedentary office work
  • For active out-of-office work


  • Anti-stress to prevent stress
  • Anti-stress for stress recovery
  • For well sleeping


  • For men’s heath
  • For women’s health
  • For easy PMS
  • For diabetes

Have a look at a new structure of Marketplace and tell me what do you think.
And if you want to offer your blend for sale - let me know - it will help all of us to diversify a variety of options.