Review / Feedback on DIY recipe please?

Hey all, hoping some of you kind folks out there can give me your thoughts and input on my DIY recipe (link below). Any feedback on ingredients not mixing well together or nutrients being out of whack / not very well absorbed, please let me know!

I’ve left the sources out at the moment mainly because I’m still tweaking them to find the cheapest; but it will be primarily Amazon & iHerb. I’ve tried to keep it low on ingredients that can cause stomach issues, that’s the reason for limiting oats and avoiding whey. Double cream despite having a small amount of lactose shouldn’t really cause problems for anyone (but there are lactose-free double creams on the market, so that’s always an option).

Everything else is as close to organic as I can get (trying to create a functional, less time intensive, paleo-esque-type shake); several of the ingredients offer anti-microbial, anti-fungal or anti-bacterial properties and should be quite anti-inflammatory overall.

Used this thread to get as close to the ‘optimal ratios’ as possible, bit out on a couple of things like iron:copper and phos:calcium, but I’m hoping they’re balanced fairly well anyway!

Other things to note:

  • Fish oil capsule will be included for Omega-3 DHA/EPA as most are from ALA in the recipe.
  • Selenium and B3 standalone vitamins should also be added for anyone using this as 100% replacement.
  • May be other better multivitamins out there, but this one is ideal for anyone not looking for pre-formed vitamin A (pregnant females / people on Accutane etc.)
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I know you said you wanted to avoid whey protein because of the lactose but whey protein isolate has very little lactose.

Now Foods Whey Protein, Isolate Pure, 10-Pound

The above whey protein has less than a gram of lactose per 25g protein. At the amounts you are using in your recipe it would also give you enough calcium so you could eliminate an ingredient.

I would also suggest replacing the potassium gluconate with potassium citrate. It is about a third the price and you use half as much to get the same amount of potassium.

Potassium Citrate Powder By New You Bulk Vitamins 100% Pure Bulk Potassium Citrate Powder 1000g (1000 grams) 35.2oz (35.2 ounces)

You also have about 9g of “mystery fat”. If you add your saturated, mono, and polyunsaturated fats they don’t add up to the total fat.


Muscle Feast does a great lactose-free whey protein isolate.

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Thanks for the input on the whey protein lactose issue - I’m not 100% sure whether it’s the lactose or the IGF-1 factor, but it wreaks havoc on my skin. I might try and mix some in at a 4:1 pea to whey ratio and see how much I tolerate; would be nice to reduce the amount of ingredients (and I think losing some pea protein would be good to reduce iron and phosphorus a little).

Great shout on potassium citrate, do you have any ideas if this is available in the UK? Would replace the gluconate in a heartbeat if I could find a good source!

Mystery fat looks to be coming from coconut oil (total fat: 100g / SF: 93.9g) and double cream (total fat: 45.1g / SF: 28.2g / MUF: 12.8g / PUF: 1.7g). Definitely not any trans fats in there, but I’m not sure what the rest are? Even USDA has some unaccounted for fat in coconut oil… :confused:

What sort of skin issues do you see from whey protein?

Mostly seems to be acne and an increase of sebum. I’ve isolated it down pretty well to the point that whey was the only thing in my diet I was altering; have since removed and added it back in and noticed the same issue. Would love to find another type of protein (aside from veggie options) that didn’t cause problems!

Might be worth checking and experimenting with different kinds of whey.

Whey concentrate may have larger amounts of incidental lactose and casein (the other milk protein).

A good why isolate should have very little of either.

It’s possible you’re reacting to the casein or the lactose, and not the whey protein.

Trying some powdered casein should also tell you quickly if that’s the problem.

Could be reacting to the flavoring too.

Thanks again for the reply both.

Good idea trying to isolate it down and actually taking the potential culprits separately to see if they cause a reaction. I’ll definitely start with casein and see if anything crops up.

There is a chance that it could be the flavouring; I previously used whey with strawberry cream & chocolate additives. Might be worth me buying a small sachet of unflavoured and giving that a go.

What are the best products (that aren’t artificial) which would add reasonable flavour to the shakes? I’ve currently got 5g of raw cacao in there, but not sure how much of the pea protein and other ingredients will show through. Vanilla extract maybe?

I haven’t had much luck with vanilla extract. I am partial to cinnamon and stevia. I add about a gram each to my DIY. But I will warn you. The stevia has a very weird taste and after taste that takes a little getting used to.

I also use stevia, but I’ve never noticed an aftertaste.

I find if I use too much in, say, tea or coffee, it’s too sweet, but it also takes on a minty sort of taste - but when I sweeten to “normal” drinking levels, I never detect any aftertaste - and didn’t when I first starting using it, either.

It may be a personal sensitivity thing, or it may be people using too much of it. (I use pure stevia, not the packet stuff, which is cut with powdered dextrose. Pure stevia is very strong, and you only need a tiny, tiny bit, so it’s really easy to over do it.)

+1 for cinnamon and cocoa as flavors. I also like green tea powder. Sometimes I use vanilla flavored whey or chocolate flavored whey, and just let that be the flavor… I’ve never found a strawberry flavor that I like. They have an unpleasant taste/aftertaste to me (I love strawberries, though.)

Orange juice with vanilla whey makes a kind of creamsicle flavor which I enjoy, sometimes.