Review me? New DIY built from Axcho's Super Micros

I feel a little silly sharing this this long after the big DIY scene, but with Soylent being weird about the natural vs artificial flavoring, I decided it was long past due to finally make a DIY that better suited my own needs. Its heavily based on Axcho’s premade ingredient mixes (Super Micros and Super Electrolytes) because I didn’t want to futz with a multivitamin or try to balance all the micros on my own. My main priorities were to have a less carb and calorie intensive version of Soylent, with secondary priorities being to prioritize ethical suppliers and reduce costs. I’m planning to get the all the products listed as Amazon from a local co-op instead of from Amazon in order to meet that ethical requirement as best I can.


That seems pretty straight forward. Let us know how it tastes.

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Just ordered everything today, finally. Per request, I’ll update with my experience when I’m done.

So, finally made my recipe. And I definitely underestimated how bitter the baking chocolate was going to make this. It’s pretty bad on a first taste. XD

We’ll see whether it becomes more tolerable as I get used to it, but I’m suspecting I need to replace some of the baking chocolate with a sweetener of some kind. Probably a sugar as my IBS makes sugar alcohols a non-option for me

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Round 2 (because it took me a while to finish off round 1):

Reduced the baking cocoa by a tablespoon and adding a teaspoon of sugar to compensate and the flavor has been vastly improved. Still a bit of a bitter after taste, but now it actually tastes like something I could eat daily.

Additionally, I think my oat base might be having more fiber than the official Soylent because even though I’m not adding extra fiber like I did before, things are still going relatively smoothly. So I’m hopeful that that makes for one less supplement for me to bother with. On the same note, I think my IBS has been improved by no longer consuming sucralose on the daily (sugar alcohols are a mild trigger).

My new problem is that the oil is separating if I don’t drink the cup fast enough. I didn’t have this problem with version 1, but that might have been because it sat in the refrigerator longer. Going to see if refrigerating it overnight fixes it or whether I need to add something to deal with the separation.

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