Review my DIY soylent - Vegan Fuel Semi-Elemental Diet for digestive disease and weight gain

Hi everybody,

Please review my DIY soylent, called Vegan Fuel Semi-Elemental Diet:

I would also be interested in feedback on the nutrient profile I created for this diet:

I have a digestive disease, specifically Crohn’s disease, and wanted to go on a liquid diet. I tried Soylent in the past, drinking it almost exclusively for three months, but I think the fiber, gums, maltodextrin, isomaltulose, and rice starch are counterproductive for my condition - the fiber causes pain, and the other ingredients in question are theorized to feed bad gut bacteria.

A type of liquid diet called an elemental diet is commonly used for digestive diseases, to put the disease into remission, and in Japan they’ve shown remission is more likely to be maintained by staying 50% liquid after remission is achieved. According to Wikipedia, most of the calories are supposed to come from glucose. However, in recent years, elemental diets have begun to use maltodextrin, which prevents a blood sugar spike, but by definition it isn’t just absorbed right away, so it may also be feeding bad gut bacteria. Well-known elemental diets like Vivonex also don’t taste so good, so I thought by making my own recipe, I could get the right kind of carbs, put in protein powder instead of amino acids to make it taste better, and choose the exact macro/micronutrient ratios.

I’ve been tweaking this for the past couple weeks, and I’ve been on this exclusively since September 19th, so today is day 17! I don’t feel as hungry anymore - although it would still be nice to eat and I look forward to eating eventually once I’m in remission. My symptoms have decreased, and while I’m not in remission yet, data shows that remission can be achieved in 6-8 weeks on a polymeric diet (an elemental diet which uses protein instead of amino acids), so I’m optimistic about the next 5.5 weeks. I’ve also been gaining weight, which is a good thing for me.

Looking forward to people’s feedback. Thanks!


Not an expert on your issues, but wanted to wish you good luck!

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