Review of 1.4 -- first use -- and questions

I just received 1.5 but am still using up 1.4. (I’m 71, trying to stay healthy, not devote a lot of energy to preparing meals.)
–I’m limiting my use (.5 to 1.5 portions a day, mostly as breakfast and snacks) because it produces diarrhea or very oily BMs. Aside from that I like it fine. I don’t feel like my body is “adapting” to it. I hope 1.5 is better on that score.
–I’m surprised – and wondering why? – the levels of protein and especially fiber are not higher. Since I’m not using this as my only food it doesn’t much matter; I eat fiber and protein in other meals.
–I don’t mind the solo taste at all, but I’ve mixed it with various things and they all seem to work. My favorites are V-8 and spicy V-8 (sounds weird but I like it); or Hershey’s chocolate syrup and/or coffee plus soy milk (made thick like a milk shake – I’m looking for some malt powder to make it a malted). I sometimes add fruit, kale, garlic – the usual smoothie stuff – and use soylent like I used to use protein powder. Everything works.
– The advice to shake it up is right. If I put it in a blender without shaking it the Soylent cakes up on the sides.
– I’m not getting hungry. A half serving at breakfast (plus a cup of coffee) holds me to l lunch.

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The V-8 is an original idea. Nice.

They may have reduced fiber to help reduce flatulence. I add soluble fiber back, which is easy to do. Try psyllium fiber (commonly available branded as Metamucil) and/or dextrin (Benefiber). Very helpful with the BMs.

Spicy V8? Sounds like it’s worth a try!

The lower levels of protein and fiber have been discussed to death. My bottom line right now is that I’d like more of both, but I trust the company’s judgement for now.

Thanks. I assumed these issues were discussed before but I’m not handy enough with the Forum to find the postings. Just my two cents. As to Metamucil, I’m quite familiar with it: I take it to keep bowels moving while fasting or doing a cleanse – but in this case I suspect it would make the diarrhea / loose bowel issue worse. I’ll get my fiber other ways. The last time I had runs like this was when I tried Alli. I look forward o seeing how 1.5 does.

Many users on the forum have had great success with psyllium husk powder (including me!). I would suggest reading up on it yourself, but essentially it makes pooping fun and easy.

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Yes another vote for psyllium husk - you wouldn’t necessarily think it would fix the problem but it does! I just take a few grams with each Soylent serving and all the problems went away.

Thanks all. It’s counterintuitive, but I’ll try it.