Review of 100%Food, Double Protein (Chocolate)


I recently got my shipment of 100%Food, this is my first time venturing into the world of powdered foods. A bit of backstory, I currently work in fast food and, keeping this is mind, I didn’t exactly have a great starting point from a dietary perspective :smile:. I usually don’t have the time to grab anything decent to eat from home before I leave for work, and so I thought maybe Soylent/other DIY varieties might help me.

I chose 100%Food for a few reasons. First, they ship to Canada without costing me an arm and a leg, second, unlike the original Soylent, there’s no waiting or backlog. I wasn’t willing to wait around for months for my stuff to arrive (in fact, I only waited like six days)!

So on to the review: So far, I’ve been mixing about 1 cup with 3 cups water (I got the int’l shipping bags w/ the USPS box), and simply shaking in a water bottle. The first thing I noticed was the texture, but I honestly love it. Having something to chew on actually seems to help make it more filling. My parents, on the other hand, thought it was very chalky and thick (YMMV). I think the texture simply comes down to preference. If you’re expecting a smooth drink, this isn’t for you. Maybe a blender would fix this?

As for the taste, it immediately reminded me of Nestle’s Instant Breakfast. Just the right amount of chocolate not to be overpowering, but enough to make it interesting. I also tried adding some extra honey, but I think I’ve decided it’s fine on it’s own. Definitely a lot better than I was expecting :smile:.

Finally, I’ve had my box for about three days, and all but one meal on 100%Food. I have way more energy than normal, but in a good way. I also find that it’s way more filling than I would have expected… when I eat fast food, I’m hungry again within an hour or two. On 100%Food, getting from meal to meal is no problem. A lot of the mid-morning/afternoon hunger subsides. I’m hoping that I can kick fast food once and for all with the help of this stuff. The only reason I ever turned to it was because it was the cheapest, easiest thing available to me (especially when you work around the stuff!). But powdered food is about as easy as it gets, and I feel a lot better afterwards. I think @Spaceman made a return customer out of me :smile:

P.S. I did find that there were a few clumps of unmixed ingredients in my bag, looked like it was probably the rice flour. I just broke them up and stirred them around a little, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to be a little more careful when mixing up the shipments. Thanks!

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Thank you @thatguyehler for review.

Let me add a note for Canadian customers: these economy bags you can find on the page for International customers (not in the main Menu).