Review of a good, cheap pitchers for soylent (and Soylent)

If anyone was interested, I’ve found that this pitcher is actually quite a good pitcher. I happened to have two on hand from a previous purchase (I bought them at Walmart years ago I believe). They are BPA free and actually seal pretty tightly. I do put my fingers over the lid when shaking vigorously, but haven’t actually noticed it trying to come loose at all. I don’t get leaks or soylent spraying across the room and it cleans up really easily in the dishwasher. It is also really wide so pouring gallon bags of DIY into it is really easy, and if needed, putting a whisk or spatula into it to get pesky bottom clinging powder to come free is really easy. Also, given that it is a full gallon, it is really easy to shake up even a full pitcher of soylent because it generally only comes to half full (or slightly more) so it has a lot of room to move.

As a plus, even paying for shipping, it is still significantly cheaper than the one that ships with Soylent orders (but I think Walmart still carries it in stores. I generally go to Target, but I haven’t seen it there). The only downside being that it takes up more fridge space and while I think it should be okay to store on its side (to increase the settling area to make remixing easier) I haven’t tried that, and I could definitely believe it might leak out over time. However because the bottom area is so large, I haven’t found it to be at all difficult to get the sediment off the bottom with just a good shaking.

I like the Takeya Airtight pitcher because it is, well, airtight. I can’t imagine what some spilled Soylent fermenting in my trunk on a hot summer day would smell like.

I do want something insulated, though, in the 1-day size, to keep cool. Just ordered the stainless Thermos, 68 oz.: We’ll see how that goes.

I’m not certain this pitcher is airtight, but it is pretty close. I definitely hear a pressure pop when I open it the first morning after mixing it (IE the temperature has dropped in the fridge, reducing the pressure in the container). However, I do agree the Takeya pitcher is more airtight.

The Sterilite pitcher is NOT spillproof. They’re a decent pitcher, but they can even leak when you shake it too hard. I don’t like the way that the pour spout and lid interface- there’s overlap, so whatever you have can dry on the pour spout and gum up/glue the lid closed.

The last is a good point. I always wipe that residue away when I’m done pouring. Since I pour basically once a day, this works well for me.

Annoying drips {some rather large that get flung pretty far} starting to develop when shaking my Takeya pitcher…Used for about a week or so now and it only happens on the 2nd or 3rd serving of the day…Never the first.

I clean up the outside and have started unscrewing the middle lid to wipe tings off, but that’s annoying and time consuming and doesn’t always work all the time.

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In the beta program, we started off by sending these exact pitchers to people. 1. This pitcher is not airtight. 2. The quality assurance on these is sub-par. Some pitchers closed snug others had very loose tops. We switched to the Takeya within the first month and haven’t looked back.


I didn’t know that. I appear to have some pretty snug pitchers then (mine were at least 4 years old), because I don’t have problems with any of them (I have 3).

I can definitely believe the quality control might not be great.

Have recommended the Frigoverre two-liter glass pitcher before and will do so again. It doesn’t leak no way no how no matter how hard I shake it; it has a simple but clever hermetic seal with the thread outside rather than inside the pitcher. Easy to clean, too.


THAT is a really cool pitcher. It looks like the mouth is pretty wide too?

I threw this together a few months ago. It would be great to add all the other things we find useful for Soylent (cleaning supplies, coolers, decoration).


Yes, the mouth is pretty wide. It’s a squarish squat pitcher that won’t fit in the fridge door, but nicely on a fridge shelf. And I feel that the squarish shape helps create turbulence when I shake it that helps mix it (it’s also easy to use a whisk in the wide mouth if you don’t want to shake as much).

(You can find the Frigoverre pitcher on Amazon, too; it’s just the price is better at the link I had, if you buy two or something else to trigger free shipping.)

I’ve also been using and have recommended Sun’s Tea 18-oz glass shaker bottles–easy to drink out of, easy to clean (with a bottle brush), make a nice oneish-meal serving:

This is also available on Amazon, but on the manufacturer’s site you can use the coupon code XSE43231. They also have a single-wall bottle that comes with a blender ball (really more of a blender spring) and a lid that’s interchangeable with the double-wall bottle.

Takeya pitchers are nice because they fit in most refrigerators nicely and are clear so any clumps of powder can be seen easily, on top of being air tight. Costco carries two-packs for $25, about $10 less than the same thing on Amazon.

The Frigoverre pitcher is clear as well, and you can get two of them for $26 with free shipping from the link above. So, it depends on if you want plastic or glass, fit in the door or fit on the shelf.

I also bought the frigoverre pitcher and love it. It’s glass, which I prefer. It’s leak proof, when you put the lid on right. It also can sit on a shelf. I should have ordered 2 at first, but I’ll get another anyway.

are these glass pitchers not super heavy and hard to shake?

That is pretty much the one drawback of this pitcher. after pouring if you don’t tilt it back then fluid gets trapped outside
the container under the lid that will be there until shaken or poured again.

I wish soylent would supply a Takeya pitcher that was a bit larger so shaking a full bag of soylent would be easier.
1 bag calls for 1800 millilitres of water and there is for sure more then 200 millilitres of powder in the bag lol

I don’t have any problem shaking a bag af Soylent. The powdered Soylent of course dissolves in the water, so adding the amount of water and the amount of Soylent doesn’t give an accurate estimate of the total amount of volume required.