Review of Soylent 1.0, 1.1, Schmoylent, and Space Nutrients 100% Food


Soylent 1.0
I liked it, but was a bit too sweet. The sweet aftertaste was particularly troublesome. It also caused bad gas after a couple days and I had to stop. Then 1.1 was announced with it’s additional enzymes, so I started adding enzymes to my remaining 1.0 bags. It helped a little, and I kept my intake low to avoid problems. I liked the way I felt drinking it, and I didn’t crave or need caffeine as much. I also had more vivid dreams. I ordered a week of 1.1.

Soylent 1.1
With it’s less sweet flavor, taste was much improved. And when adding PB2, particularly the chocolate form, it becomes very tasty imo, and I could drink it all the time if I could but…the gas was still a problem. When I drank too much at once, or too much in one day, the gas became exhausting. One day I drank quite a bit in the morning and afternoon, then had eggs and bacon for dinner. The next day’s gas was really hard to deal with. It also makes craps smell really bad. I drank 1.0 and 1.1 on and off over the course of about 3 weeks. On days I would drink it I was averaging probably 600 cal a day? Ultimately the gas proved to be too much to take, so I quit. I thought I could adjust and started a 14 day subscription. My gf has no problems with the gas so now she drinking my stash. :frowning:

Space Nutrients 100% Food
Very fast shipping! I got a day supply of the half sugar raw, and half sugar chocolate. It comes in little bottles that you just add water to and then shake up. The instructions say it must be consumed quickly or it will gel up I think. The chocolate one smelled *really * good. The raw one didn’t. I tried the raw one first. I didn’t like the taste, but it tasted much more natural and healthy than Soylent. There were lots of seeds on top so I ended up chewing a lot to get it all down. I only drank half of the sample. The chocolate one came next. I didn’t like that one either, nor did my gf. Perhaps the standard sugar ones taste better, I have no idea. I used room temperature filtered water, chilled water probably would have improved the experience. (I wish I had tried adding PB2 to see if that helped)

Schmoylent vanilla
Fast shipping. It came in a large ziplock baggie with the words “Schmoylent Vanilla” written on the outside with a sharpie. I made a batch this afternoon and tried it tonight after leaving it in the fridge. I didn’t like the artificial taste. It has a much thicker consistency than the Soylent 1.0 and 1.1, probably due to the psyllium husk. My gf’s first words after tasting it was “That’s horrendous”. I tried adding PB2 but that didn’t help. We didn’t finish my glass. There’s no info on the site about where or how it’s made, or by who, so it takes a certain amount of trust in your fellow man to order it.

I really want this powdered food idea to work, and have confidence there will one day be a multitude of products to choose from that will provide good, easily digested nutrition. I can’t wait for the day!



I’m in the same boat as you with Soylent 1.0, 1.1 and the horrid gas. I’ve got a month of 1.1 and if I go from 33% to 50% a day I get the horrid gas for a couple hours. It looks like I will be slowly working through my 1 month supply at 33% a day. I will use my DIY soylent the rest of the day.

I bought an immersion blender and I think that helped my DIY a little. I don’t have seeds in my mix so I’m not sure if it would help that. It does seem to smooth things out a bit. Maybe you could try the DIY after using a blender? That doesn’t solve the other problems you had with it though. I think the part about it being thinker is because the DIY makers can’t get quite as good stuff as Rosa Labs. I think my DIY is thinker than Soylent just because of the more powder it takes to get the same calories/nutrients.


Can you elaborate on this a little?

I have no idea how nutrient drink can taste more or less healthy. In my opinion all nutrient drinks are neutral by default, unless they have taste of french fries or surgery candy.


Let me express my opinion: in this video when we compared Soylent, Schmoylent and 100%FOOD on the streets of San Francisco we found a good wording for the “healthy” taste: artificial tastes like shampoo, while natural tastes like a salad.


It’s hard to describe. Imagine taking a handful of bland items from a salad bar and mixing them all together. It would have a “healthy” taste. Then imagine adding some artificial flavors or sweeteners to it. It would no longer taste healthy.