"Review: Soylent 2.0"

via Tom VanAntwerp: “Review: Soylent 2.0

Changes his opinion from partially negative (powder, old review) to overall positive (liquid, this review).


That intro made me smile! #Success


Weird and broken website. I had to read source to read what guys saying.

Nice news though.

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Here’s an excerpt of what was posted, for those who have trouble:

First, here’s what’s wrong with old versions of Soylent:

Powder was messy and clumped up.Had to let it sit in the fridge overnight, or else it was grainy.Pitcher was a pain to clean. Lots of little crevices for Soylent to get stuck in.The flavor was overwhelmingly bland. (Not hyperbole–nothing I mixed with it ever made it taste not-bland.)Had the consistency of snot.Often disposed of old Soylent due to short post-mixing shelf life. Inconvenient and hard to plan meals around it.When people see you mixing Soylent and you tell them you’re replacing food with the stuff, they judge you.

That’s a lot of problems. It’s why I’ve got an unused six-week supply of Soylent 1.4 sitting around in my office.

Thankfully, Soylent 2.0 solves every one of those previous pain points. It’s finally the product I’ve been wanting.

Soylent 2.0, unlike previous versions, comes pre-mixed in
single-serving plastic bottles. It’s much more beverage-like. I could
almost mistake it for unsweetened and unflavored almond milk. The flavor
is milder, it’s smoother, and there’s no feeling of graininess. And
since it’s pasteurized, the bottles can sit in the refrigerator for a
year rather than a mere 48 hours. I don’t have to worry about throwing
out a liter of Soylent because of an unexpected lunch outing with
coworkers. And no one is going to think twice about a man who grabs a
bottle of something from the fridge and just drinks it. It’s pleasantly
inconspicuous. And when I’m done, I can toss the bottle in the
recycling. No more mess.
It’s taken time, but Soylent has finally matured as a product.

I definitely agree with his sentiments. My attempts with powdered Soylent (official and diy) ended in powdery messes, wasted meals, and frankly, almost as much fuss as real cooking without the cooked meal for my efforts. Granted, the experimentation was part of the fun, and I’ve learned a helluva lot about nutrition and where food comes from, so it’s paid off in spades.

I’ve purchased a month’s subscription for Soylent, and the advantages are clear.


Exactly my thoughts!


I agree with Tom’s review. Soylent 1.0-1.5 had some bugs, and Soylent 2.0 fixed all of them. I also have a month’s supply of Soylent 1.4 sitting in my cupboard. But I can’t get enough of Soylent 2.0, and I’m going to be drinking 5 bottles a day for the next month at least.

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And to add to your warm fuzzies about Soylent 2.0 , despite the current relatively high price, we are paying them for the R&D and market justification to allow them to eventually drop the price. We’re contributing to a food revolution with our wallets - so you get good nutrition, help the environment, and are giving to charity, albeit in a broad sense.


“It’s taken time, but Soylent has finally matured as a product.”

This is so much the feeling I get from 2.0. The powder has a lifehacker DIY feel, like something a software engineer invented to feed himself after getting annoyed at modern food. Effective and messy. The liquid is something I could get at a four-star hotel breakfast bar.

That may be well the case.