Review: SpaceNutrientsStation 100%Food

I’m going to do a quick review of 3 of the SpaceNutrientsStation 100%Food products. I’m not being paid or compensated in any way…These are my personal opinions and are not associated, endorsed or approved by anyone other than myself.


Mixed with cold water and let sit overnight in the fridge. It mixed throughly, with no powder left at the bottom of the bottle. The first taste and smell were very good, but within a couple sips, a pronounced what I believe to be hemp heart taste became too overwhelming for me to continue…At first glance, there were a very large amount of seeds visible and I had doubts whether I would be able to drink it. But I didn’t taste a single one and nothing got stuck in my throat.

Low Sugar Organic

Mixed with cold water and started drinking right away. Some powder left at the bottom. Used a set of chopsticks I had handy to break the powder free and once that was done, another shaking mixed things well. Nice mild vanila/oat flavor, but the mix got so thick it was almost undrinkable via the bottle…I drank it all except the last 1/8 or so which I couldn’t get out of the bottle.


Mixed with cold water and started drinking right away. Some powder left at the bottom. Used the handle of a splatula I had handy to break the powder free and once that was done, another shaking mixed things well. Slight hint of what I thnk is hemp heart but overall not too bad…

Low Carb Chocolate

Mixed with cold water and started drinking right away. My favorite so far…Texture, flavor and everything seem to be lined up in this one.

Low Sugar Chocolate

Mixed with cold water and started drinking right away…No complaints, other than I had to run out and buy lunch…Like the others, no hunger suppression

•I shook each bottle before adding the water

•I would like to see actual amounts of ingredients vs %

•None of the above curbed my hunger

More reviews of other flavors to follow…


Thanks @Muggle for objective review.

That’s good that you liked Low Carb Chocolate. It seems we found a pleasant way to loose weight…

How was your hunger level on the Low Carb Chocolate? Did you have many cravings when doing 100% food?

I think this might be the answer… but I may be wrong :smiley:


Yea I guess some reading comprehension would have helped. For some reason I just defaulted that to be attributed only to the Low Sugar Chocolate.

Am I missing something???


No idea what’s going on in this post but for me 100%FOOD does curb MY hunger. YMMV


Yep ymmv. Responses to my review in the diy market place suggested I empty the contents into a blender bottle and add more water…I’m going to try that with my next 3…

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@amy - while standard formula of 100%FOOD is made to maintain weight many of my customers asked of the blend to loose weight.

We studied that and made Low Carb formula based on Zone Diet with 30/40/30 Fat/Carb/Protein ratio.

Although Low carbohydrate diets are relatively high in protein and fats, studies show that people on low-carb diets lose more weight and faster, than people on low-fat diets…

Now, when @Muggle says that Low Carb Choco is even more tasty than our regular chocolate version - I love to think that we found a pleasant way to loose weight :wink:

Satiety is a tricky tricky thing. I’ve been on DIY now for over 3 months and reestablishing my expectations around food and post meal experience was challenging. Breakfast was the least problematic because I normally ate a relatively small breakfast. Lunch and Dinner on the other hand it was hardest to adjust. I went from feeling like I had a good/big meal and that being my satisfaction point to learning to accept that my hunger fading was enough. Depending on how you eat that could be more or less a problem. Fo me its as learning to understanding hunger/craving/satiety and the difference between :slight_smile: For awhile there I continued to snack and eat things simply because I was addressing cravings that really had nothing to do with hunger.


Yes, if you used to large portions - first time you may feel hungry (mental inertia). I noticed it for myself and had similar reports from customers. Your brain and body need around 3 days to adjust.

More reviews of other flavors to follow…

Hey @Muggle - where are they? We’re curious :wink:

Hey sorry folks, I work in IT and disconnected over the long weekend…No PC, or email, or news or much of anything…

Really love the convenience of DIY so I’ll have my reviewer hat on tomorrow again…:slight_smile:


I did have cravings, but I used the bottle that it came in…It was suggested I use a bigger sports bottle and more water…Looking forward to trying that…:slight_smile:

They’re are a lot of different combinations I haven’t tried yet, like adding casein protein powder to help with the cravings…

I’ll keep posting things as I go through them and find out more info…

What is your BMI, @Muggle?

May be you just need more than 2000 cal a day (hence more than 670 per meal).

We plan to dispense different amount of calories in bottles according to your needs with our 100%FOOD machine, until you can just use more bottles per meal.


I think it was just the extra water…I emptied the bottle of powder into a larger sports bottle and that seemed to help some…And I still have a few flavors left to try, so some maybe better than others in the keeping me full dept…Details as I get them…

I weight 160-163lbs, my BMI currently is 19.2…Down from nearly 28.0!

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To make review complete:

To collection of reviews:

Today I received a suggestion to make larger bottles for Low Carb version of 100%FOOD.
Increased amount of protein makes it too thick to mix in 16 oz.

But large bottle increases the shipping costs as well.
Are you ready for that?

While waiting for my Soylent 2 week order and monthly subscription to kick in (I am in the batch that got the delay email), I decided to try 100% Food. I placed a 1 week order for the low carb mix sampler a little less than a week ago, and it showed up today!

I had been worried, hearing delivery problems with TNT, and others talking about little/no tracking information. It is true that TNT sent out a shipment confirmation with a terrible delivery estimate (2 days after my order), and never updated the tracking information on their site. But, I have an account with UPS “My Choice”, and they notified me of the UPS tracking information a few days ago.

So, my order arrived today, and I immediately unboxed, and made lunch!

The bottles didn’t have individual labeling, but there was an enclosed fact sheet, and the outside of the box indicated it was 1 week, low carb mix (so no harm, no foul). I chose the “Organic” flavor for my first batch, and decided to use a 600ml shaker bottle which worked out very nicely. I drank the first batch immediately after mixing, as suggested in the instructions. My second batch of chocolate is mixed and waiting in the fridge for dinner.

The “Organic” aroma before mixing was mild and pleasant, not strongly identifiable as anything. Once mixed, the flavor was good, slightly nutty (malto-meal meets almond milk). The mix did tend to separate slightly while I drank it, so you end up shaking a little throughout the meal. The flax seeds present a chewy diversion, and there were chunks of something else - maybe the dried banana listed in the ingredients - that had a vaguely nutty flavor/consistency.

I am very happy with the purchase so far - ordering was easy, delivery was prompt, the taste was pleasant (at least for the first mix) and I felt satiated (not necessarily full or stuffed). I am not dreading my next meal, so that is a good thing! :slight_smile: I didn’t use the bottle it came in though, and would be perfectly happy with some other packaging (a pouch and a scoop, maybe?). But, the bottles will go into recycle, so I am trying to feel OK about that.

Who knows how many more weeks I have before my Soylent orders ship. In the mean time I will be trying a few days of 100% Food, and maybe ordering some more. I am curious as to the weight loss possibilities of the mix, and will try to remember to make a few more posts as follow up.

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