Review: SpaceNutrientsStation 100%Food


Well, I had my dinner drink that I had prepared and let sit in the refrigerator. Not as good in my opinion. It definitely thickened up, but in a vaguely slimy chia seed sort of way. While I was able to drink it, I will definitely be mixing it fresh from now on.


I guess if the price was right I think it would justify the cost of the larger bottles and any difference in shipping…If it was priced attractively


Thanks @thomaslbaker for review.

Question about labels. From one side - our suppliers do not catch our development with lables, from the second - some customers say that a label is needed for the first time only. So we have two options:

  • enclose a fact sheet to unlabelled bottles,
  • make small labels with a thermal printer (like in grocery shop) just to identify a bottle.

Which way is more comfortable for you?


It is fine as is… I just wanted to make sure that I got the right order - low carb (since the insert has info on all varieties). The type was written on the outside of the shipment box, so I was good.

I had seen previous pictures you had posted of new labels on the bottles. And just wanted to let people know that what they get might look slightly different.

The enclosed fact sheet should be a good enough nutritional label, and I don’t have an issue with that. If I were buying different types (e.g., regular, low carb, double protein), I would probably end up marking them myself with a magic marker, so I wouldn’t mix them up.


Magic marker can make a different colour lids…
While the nutrition facts can be enclosed with instruction.
What a nice idea! Thanks @thomaslbaker!


Round stickers on the caps would probably be easier and cheaper in the long run. You can use colors to distinguish varieties. With printer-compatible stickers, you could step it up a notch and use colors to distinguish the varieties and also print the variety on the label using a standard b&w printer.


I’m sure plenty of people enjoy the bottle per serving setup you have going but have you considered simply bagging your ingredients for folks that would rather reuse sturdier bottles anyways? I mention simply because I have to imagine you would
-Save on shipping (smaller shipping container, I suspect the bottles add minimal weight)
-Save on container costs
-Better for the environment

Seems like it would be easy enough to implement, i.e. $290 for 30 days w/ bottles and $270 without or something along those lines. I suspect some people wouldn’t even care about saving the money as much as they would be about not having to throw countless plastic bottles away.

No offense to anyone, I know it’s convenient but ordering spaceman food with bottles is just as bad as drinking bottled water. IMO it’s completely unnecessary and generates massive waste without a good reason. Buy 3 blender bottles and rinse them after use and re-use them every day. I’m on DIY but this is my approach and there is no reason you couldn’t do it with Spaceman’s stuff as well (if the option existed to buy it this way).

Heck, spaceman could even do a start kits that include xyz days supply w/ 3 shaker containers.


Back a couple few months ago, when @spaceman was in the early days of selling, I bought some samples and asked for them to be shipped in baggies, to save on the plastic and since I have shaker bottles anyway.

At the time, he was happy to do it; if I were to order again that’s what I’d want. I hope it’s still an option. Three plastic bottles a day are an environmental waste and actually inconvenient, to have to deal with more recycling and more bulk to store.


Yes we used round stickers for blind tests, they worked well.
As well as we printed our first stickers on laser printer.
For the first time it was a good solution, but for a current volume of production and speed of labelling - we need rolls.
We can get rolls from a label company (but it needs large volume for start and time for production) or print rolls by thermal printer (it’s easy like in a grocery store - but quality sucks). So we’re in quest for optimal solution now…

Thanks @Endtropy for blender bottles suggestion. That might be a good idea to use bags and save money on packaging and shipment… But filling the bags, labelling and other production processes take enormously more time. So… And we offered bags. Biodegradable bags. But 99% customers prefer bottles. How to convince them to take care of the planet :wink:?!

Last time we tend more & more to use big cans and scoops like protein producers do.
@asympt - what do you think of that?


I think I worry about ingredients separating, smaller/heavier to the bottom, larger/lighter to the top, in transit. So I’d be more comfortable with no more than a day per pack.

I don’t get why so very many people prefer bottles!


Separation is a good concern…
Regarding bottles - I love to keep them in hand.
No reasons. Just a cool feeling of “something right” in the hand…


P.S. Promise to @biab & @livingparadox to write a disclosure of 100%FOOD is kept:


– 9.4lb / month - latest news about weight loss with 100%FOOD Low Carb:


I just ordered the 100% FOOD Double Protein Organic. It arrived yesterday, so I’m trying it for the first time in my breakfast this morning. (Note: I’m not exactly using it in the intended way. My plan is to split one bottle into breakfast and lunch every day to increase and balance my nutrient intake and help me lose weight.) I mixed one bottle with water last night and left it in the 'fridge overnight. This morning, I used half in my usual morning smoothie. So it’s half the bottle, some ice, a couple pineapple chunks and a few strawberries, with some pineapple juice to top it off. This turned out much thicker than my usual smoothies. (I used to use much more juice plus a couple spoonfuls of yogurt.) The flavor of the 100% FOOD does overpower the fruit flavors, but it’s not bad, similar to oat. The texture is better than I expected from reading the other reviews, but I still got the urge to chew the seed bits. The thing I like the most about this stuff is how filling it is! I felt satisfied from just 1/4 of my smoothie, which works out to about 1/8 of a bottle. I finished it, anyway, and I’m looking forward to mixing the other half up into something for lunch.


I have been replacing at least one meal per day with 100%Food Double Protein(both Chocolate and Organic flavors) for about a week now, and I’m very happy with it! I’ll start with a few points that apply to both flavors:

  1. The first time I had a full meal of each flavor, I had minor heartburn that lasted all day afterwards. But subsequent meals of the same flavor did not have this effect. So if you got a meal sample and experienced heartburn, don’t be discouraged!
  2. It’s very filling! I don’t feel the need to have any “real” food in addition to a bottle of 100%Food as a meal and it keeps me full for several hours. I don’t like having 100%Food for breakfast(around 6am) because when I do I’m always too full to have second breakfast(around 10am) so I miss out on my favorite meal of the day!
  3. I do appreciate having something to chew on. Some people are disturbed by this, but I would encourage everyone to chew the seeds! The act of chewing triggers the release of digestive juices and enzymes that make digestion easier, and also sends signals to your brain that you’re eating so you will feel more satisfied. Other liquid “foods” I have tried leave me feeling like I need real food still.
  4. I have difficulty staying properly hydrated if I replace more than 1 meal with 100%Food in a day. Normally when I’m done I then rinse the bottle and fill it with water so that I know I’m having at least an equal amount of water afterwards in addition to my normal water intake. However, even with this I find that if I have 2 or 3 meals of 100%Food I become dehydrated. It seems a lot of water is necessary if you plan on living solely on this stuff.

Now for my thoughts on the chocolate flavor:
Very tasty! I don’t notice the wheatiness that others have commented on. It tastes quite chocolatey, without being too sweet. This is my preferred flavor, and Aleh was happy to ship my order with custom proportions of chocolate vs. organic so I didn’t have to get a half and half mix. I did try mixing coffee with this to make a mocha flavor. Hot coffee cooked it a bit and made it quite oatmeal-like and not very pleasant to drink. Cold coffee tasted alright, but it overpowered the chocolate taste and highlighted the gritty texture. I prefer to have the chocolate flavor on its own.

And for Organic:
I’m not fond of the organic on its own. It’s like drinking really running oatmeal. Tolerable, but not tasty. I am still experimenting with different ways of altering the flavor, because I figure I’ll get tired of just having chocolate all the time. Once I’ve had a chance to try several different methods, I’ll post my results on the “how to make it more yummy” thread(click!). So far I have only tried cinnamon, vanilla, and coffee. Cinnamon turned out great! I added the cinnamon to the bottle and shook it up dry to distribute it before adding water, and it was a huge improvement over plain Organic. For vanilla, I used liquid artificial vanilla extract. It tasted okay, but turned out a bit too sweet for my liking. Adding cold coffee just made for a quite bitter drink which was difficult to finish. However, the combination of both vanilla and coffee completely killed the oatmeal taste and made for a pleasant cappuccino-like flavor! I have ordered various flavor concentrates from The Flavor Apprentice, and I would also like to try using 100%Food in “real food” recipes to see what happens.

I would definitely recommend 100%Food to anyone interested in powdered foods who doesn’t want to make their own! It’s cheaper than Soylent and better tasting. I could definitely live off of it(though apparently I would need to drink a lot more water!)


Just got my 8 meal sampler pack in!

UPS had an issue with the package splitting open, and said if anything was missing they’d send it back, but I checked and all the bottles seemed intact and sealed, though the bag as a bit powdery.

Demographic: 30yo athlethic male, slightly muscular, 145lbs, 5’10"
Goal: weight gain, want to be 165lbs, gym hasn’t helped, need more than I usually eat.

I’ve been wanting to try Soylent forever, but I’m very strictly gluten free, so have been quite disappointed. I finally had to do something because try as I might I don’t eat all that much, but I do crossfit and can’t seem to gain any weight. So I got this, and some PeopleChow samples that haven’t arrived yet.

This morning I had the Organic Double Protein. I definitely liked it. Took a little bit to drink, had to add water a bit more water after I drank some. I’m digging the seeds, I enjoy chewing them. It was about just the right amount of sweet. I had it at about 1pm for breakfast and was satiated most of the afternoon. Got hungry again, and tried the next one at about 8:45pm.

Tried the low sugar chocolate this time. It wasn’t bad, but didn’t like it as much as the first one. Low-surgar chocolate isn’t quite my thing. I actually am not much for chocolate cake either, though solid dark chocolate’s the best. This one did go much faster, finished it in just a few minutes. The first one I drank some and let it sit, and drank some more over a while. I’d read that some of these DIY meals are best to have sit for 15min or so, but I don’t think that the case here, it was just fine right away.

With both of them I used cold water. The first one got some powder stuck to the bottom and I needed to scrape it with a knife when it got down far enough. The second one I filled a bit less than all the way without shaking it, then capped it, turned it upside down before any of the liquid had a chance to really sink in much, then kind of giggled it till the water made it to the top while the powder sunk down from there. Then just shook it, worked just right that way.

Looking forward to the rest of them and not having to think about what I’m going to eat next. Wanted to write this down while it was fresh in my head. Probably have the next one at 1-2am if I’m hungry at all, I can really feel the last one settling in, think I’ll be full for a while.

Last night I had the low carb organic. I think I messed up mixing it, I let it sit upside down too long before shaking and ended up with a clump in the middle. It also seemed much much thicker than the other’s I had; took me about 50min to finish it, very filling. When I got home I didn’t have any more cold water, so I added some cherry juice, that was ok, I think I’d have preferred water. As far as flavor, it didn’t have much at all. It was less sweet than the low sugar, and actually, not sweet at all. It was very neutral, a bit… planty? I don’t know, but I liked it, mellow.

This morning I had the double protein chocolate, it mixed really easily, and was probably the least thick so far. Was also the sweetest yet, just under too sweet, but I don’t eat many sweets in general. It went down quick as well, just a few minutes.

While I like the organic flavors over the chocolate, so far, the two organics were very thick and I ended up drinking slowly, and the chocolate have been thinner, easier to mix, and quickly finished. In general I’m a fast eater, it’s actually annoying if something is too hot to eat and so have to eat it slowly. Even my absolutely favorite foods I take more pleasure in eating quickly, like sushi. Actually, if this soylent type food replacement works, it will take over all my meals except for sushi once or twice a week.

Well, halfway done, I’ll see how the next day and a half goes.

Oh yeah, as far as bodily reactions, after being on it a whole day, not so far, just not hungry.

For lunch I had the organic (raw). First regular one I’ve had. It was good, much thinner than the others, and quite quick to mix up. Saw that runny oatmeal thing people’d mentioned, fortunately, I like runny oatmeal, ha. It it was good, but not as much as the other two organic ones I’d had.
For dinner I had the last low carb chocolate. Right before I had it, I wasn’t hungry, then all of a sudden it was very hungry. It was the first chocolate one that didn’t mix easily right up, but much better than the organic low carb. Either way, those are definitely the thickest. Didn’t realize it till earlier today, but the low carb have much more protein than the double protein one, kind of ironic. Took a few minutes to finish it. Only two left, then I guess I’ll have to eat solid food for dinner tomorrow!


Thanks @phazei for such a detailed review.

Some clarifications:

  • we started to use double bags for samples.
  • Low Carb (Choco & Organic) due to 30% protein occupy much more space then other blends, so I suggest to mix it in a blender or add water into bottles after first gulps.

@Prairiepanda - you may feel heartburn if you lack of water. Drink more water after! Fibre works and consumes it heavily.

@JupitersChild - if you like smoothies with 100%FOOD, check this thread and add your comments, thanks!


Simple one page just released.
Is it better than ?!


It’s been about a week since I started using the 100% Food to make my smoothies. One thing did happen this past week to interrupt my plan: a friend got his order of Soylent and he gave me a bag to try, so I used that for two days instead. So I have a direct comparison between the 100% Food and the Soylent as a smoothie base.

Since I still had plenty of pineapple juice and frozen strawberries on hand, for this week I kept with my original recipe with the pineapple/strawberry for flavor when I used the 100% Food, but it turned out to be problematic doing the same recipe with the Soylent. First of all, it was way more liquid. It didn’t all fit in my single-serving blender cup. The next time I mixed the Soylent with much less water than was recommended and I could fit all the ingredients in the blender. The second issue I had with the Soylent was the taste. I was surprised: I had been expecting to enjoy the taste of Soylent much more than anything comparable. Everything I’d heard and read about it said it tasted like cake batter. In fact, when my friend gave me a bag and I smelled it, the dry powder smelled just like boxed dry cake mix. I was so excited. But it didn’t taste like cake batter. It tasted weird. Where the 100% Food tastes like something recognizable (I think it just tastes like oat but YMMV) the Soylent didn’t taste like any kind of food. The Soylent didn’t mix well with the fruit flavors. I even tried it with a spoonful of dark chocolate powder (the stuff that’s used for baking) but that just made it taste like one of those weight loss shakes that’s supposed to taste like chocolate but doesn’t.

Meanwhile I’ve found myself craving the 100% Food or what I’ve come to think of as my strawberry-oat smoothies. I know it’s the nutrition from the 100% Food because I never craved smoothies like this before. They’re also much more filling than a simple fruit and yogurt smoothie. I think the double-protein helps with it being a filling meal, given that the way I do it each smoothie only contains a half serving of 100% Food. I also noticed the Soylent (which has less protein per meal) did not satisfy my hunger as well as the 100% Food does.

Now I’m going to have to briefly talk about er, um, digestive health. After a few days on the 100% Food I was very regular, better than I had been before. The morning of second day on the Soylent was awful. That stuff practically liquified the contents of my guts. I was dealing with the problem on and off all day, well into early evening. Switched back to the 100% Food and things firmed right back up within a day. In this category the 100% Food is definitely far superior to the Soylent.

In conclusion, while I haven’t tried any new recipes yet, I have grown to love my 100% Food enhanced smoothies! I just placed an order for more, and I look forward to updating with new recipes in the future.


Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth regarding bottles.

While they are incredibly convenient, I found two reasons to actually not like them… and they’re completely inane reasoning

  1. For my taste, I preferred a little more water than what would fit in the bottle. Plus, with the powder already in there, adding water and then shaking like a madman would not always get everything. I almost always had some stuck to the bottom, which meant adding a bit of water again and shaking yet again. Not fun.

  2. Adding the water frequently resulted in water on the label… which would then tear and pill, getting crap all over the place. A bit of a mistake on my part, sure, but not ideal.

In the end, I bought a couple blender bottles, and I just dump a bottle in there, throw the small bottle away, then fill the blender bottle with water.

I know @Spaceman does offer the option of bags, though I haven’t tried. I would also recommend he offer not just “by the meal” pouches, but maybe even “daily” pouches so I can just dump it in a pitcher and portion out from there.