Rexall Complete Meal Replacement ..?


Any experiences with it? Does it qualify as “a soylent”?


Looks like it is nothing much more than empty calories. No vitamins/minerals, no fiber.


It seems to me that these “complete meals” aren’t intended to be balanced. If I eat an Egg McMuffin with an orange juice and coffee for breakfast, that is a complete meal. But I wouldn’t want to live on it.



I found that too, but it looked more like a site were people could fill in infomration and someone just ignored most of the form. I found other profiles that seemed saner


Soylent is definitely redefining what a meal replacement is or should be. This will put pressure on these other meal replacement products to improve I would think.


I had a few days a week ago when I had forgotten to order some ingredients and had to muggle it up while they arrived. I tried out a few supermarket meal pouches, and some RTD breakfast drinks, along with some store bought sandwiches and a few things I thought were reasonable healthy.
Within a few days I had acne breaking out, it was hell. Not sure what was the culprit but there sure was a lot of sugar in those “diet shakes” from Aldi, and the breakfast drinks.

Back on the DIY now, it might be plain and a little boring, but my body thanks me for it. I find a dash of cocoa helps change it up, once a week.


Skipping the sugar (and it’s snuck into everything) is one of the reasons I want to go on Soylent. Lack of sweetness won’t bother me. When I make oatmeal, I eat it without sugar, sometimes without milk.



Not sure where you got these numbers from … on the actual product they are not all zeros

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Ill embed it for you… Maybe we should start a new thread with a pic or actual nutrional label of these meal replacements so we can compare apple vs apple