RFC: Double-open bag

Requesting comment from Rosa Labs on a double-open bag design for Soylent Powder.

Current Soylent powder tears open horizontally across the top. This exposes a plastic zipper leading to the bag’s contents. Once open, the bag is no longer sealed, and can be closed back up with a shorter shelf life. The zipper isn’t guaranteed closed in shipping, and so powder can be present outside the zipper once the bag is unsealed.

For a new design, I propose an internal and external opening with two systems to open.

Internally, the bag is separated into four or (currently) five compartments, representing 500kcal or the current 400kcal meal. Near the top, the internal bag is crimped and sealed together against one wall of the bag’s exterior. To facilitate this, the divisions extend upward to present an opening to fill; the crimp is exercised at the low point of the opening, and the higher point of this opening is torn off for recycling during the crimp.

Crimping leaves a one- or two-inch hood over the segregated compartments inside the bag. The zipper is outside this, and the bag’s outer seal is above that.

A plastic cord fused across the length of this hood can be pulled to tear all the way across, opening all compartments. A separate set of plastic cords each function to open one compartment.

No measuring scoops.

I can think of several designs that work to correct the obvious flaws, but they all get ridiculously complex. I haven’t optimized them down. The main flaw is that tearing this open doesn’t create a wide-mouth opening; it creates a slit. Construction is a matter of incremental crimping of the internal partitions to the interior of the existing bags, rather than crimping the two sides together alone; once such a process is developed, it’s cheap, but retooling is probably costly.

The simplest solution is to abandon the zipper and put an all-or-nothing opening on the bottom, and incremental tear-offs at the top.

It would be simpler to sell soylent in one meal, 500 calorie bags. Rip the top and empty into a shaker then dispose of the bag. I prefer Jake because their product is in single meal bags.


Their serving size for powder has been updated to 400 kcal, that would be 5 bags for 2,000 kcal.

More bags equals more waste.

More bags equals more cost.

I say bring on the bucket-o-Soylent!


Yeah, we need the canister already. And the new scoops, though scales are really the only way to go (especially in bulk - if you mess up from a gusset pouch you’ll still get it by the end of the day). Though remember the canisters they have access to are still tiny.

How big would the canister have to be?

The canister obviously creates more waste than one pouch, so how many pouches worth would the canister have to hold before the amount of materials required to make the canister becomes less than the material to make the pouches?

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Yeah that was the thing. I want a way to add partitions to the same single-pouch strategy because a partition is half as much material as the same wall on an individual container (instead of two bags, you have one bag; the divider would be two walls in two separate bags).

If we’re going with disposable lined canisters, then they’re rigid, and can be broken apart; but at the same time, they’re still canisters, and consume material. A break-off canister would essentially use the lid as the bottom of the upper canister and the top of the lower canister, rather than a separate lid/bottom on each; but you still have to provide the walls.

Mind you, I’m not thinking so much of measuring as I’m thinking of preserving. Once I open a bag, I’m committed to using it all in a defined amount of time. If I can’t, then the product expires. I can think of better ways than scoops to make convenient volumetric measurements.

The canister they have access to is only 2.5 bags in capacity.

@conor is the official line still one week shelf life for opened Powder bags?

I’m on board with this. I don’t think you need to go as far as that though.
just take 1 bag crimp the middle to have 1000 calories a side. which would also eliminate the need for the ziplock which i bet would dramatically lower the price of manufacturing. I’m sure you can get through half a bag in 2 days. who wants to wash all those dishes? blender bottle makes a 45oz bottles which is perfect for half soylent bags.

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bucket wouldn’t be that bad. sure would be a lot easier scooping out of that then the bags. damn thing makes such a mess. these people are talking about single serving bags so the bucket probably wouldn’t work for them since they are not serious soylenters and their bucket would go bad quicker being opened 35 times over god only knows how much time.

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