Rice Chow 1.4 - Look Okay?



This is my third recipe. I’m pretty happy with the Masa Chow and the Oat Chow I made based off of People Chow 3.0.1, but I want a 3rd recipe and then I’ll be satisfied.

This one uses protein and carb sources completely different from the other two and there is NO flavoring in it at all (other than the stevia I am adding).

So, 3 questions:

  1. Is it okay to use rice flour for 100% carbs?
  2. What is generally recommended in powder form to add vanilla flavor? I remember @chris_bair said in his video that you need vanilla to complement chocolate and I’d like to have a vanilla choice anyway
  3. If this is just for 1 out of ever 3 days, is the lower phosphorus okay?


You may want to do some research and see what the amino acid requirements are for people and make sure the pea protein covers all the essential acids in sufficient quantities.


@horsfield: Thanks. My understanding of pea protein is that it is a complete protein with all the necessary amino acids: http://growingnaturals.com/knowledge/our-proteins/why-pea-protein/

However, I didn’t think about whether they are all covered in “sufficient quantities.” I’m guessing a quick search will turn up recommended minimums.


This is a very interesting article regarding protein overall. At the very end it talks about a rice/pea protein mixture which it highly recommends.


People around the world have sustained life on rice for centuries, i don’t know about the other stuff, but I"d “assume” it would be ok. =)


Okay, I did the workup with an Excel sheet. Too bad the DIY db doesn’t include the essential amino acids. :frowning:

With the rice flour, all of the essential amino acid requirements are met, both from a percentage of total protein perspective, as well as calculating for my body weight.


Where did you find the amino profile info? Not that I doubt your source, I just would like to use it myself. =)


I got them from 2 places and had to do some math:


But I bought the BulkSupplements.com version since it had the best price.

I’ll warn you up front though: I just made my first batch last night for today. It definitely has a distinct flavor and I’ve had trouble making it palatable. I’m going to post a new thread (after I do some searching to be sure to avoid a duplicate) asking about flavoring this type of mix. My thoughts are trying to go with a savory flavor profile instead of sweet (which is failing miserably!). Maybe some liquid smoke and the herbs and spices that you put into a pea soup.


Doing some searching, I found this thread about pea protein which led to a really interesting forum with numbers that are probably much better than mine:


from here: http://discourse.soylent.me/t/pea-protein-as-part-of-a-high-protein-recipe/16130/14


I found a thread that links to another forum with some really good looking numbers. It is probably much more accurate than mine. But for this recipe, it works really well because it shows that pea + rice gives you a perfect ratio:


from here: http://discourse.soylent.me/t/pea-protein-as-part-of-a-high-protein-recipe/16130/15


what kind of flavor does it have? I’ve not had pea protein on its own… I would have thought, with some cinnamon and sugar it would be like horchata, or even a rice pudding.


It’s hard to describe. It is powdery. But the flavor is very earthy, almost like lima beans (which I hate).


Ooo… Gross… I mean, I’m cool with eating beans, when mixed with other foods and seasoned… but drinking straight up lima bean smoothie doesn’t sound good LOL…

Maybe you could try heating it up and letting it cool, a cold soup? That would be great savory, or just drinking it warm like actual soup?

Rice flour may need to be cook a tad, like a rou (spelling).