Rising amount of spammers on the forum?


is it only me that have noticed the rising amount of spamers on discourse? they are rely annoying that they try do advertise on her.

Whats with all the spam lately

Yeah I noticed them, the moderators are okay at removing them, but they are disruptive if you ask me… a ton of “legal advice” and marketing spam…


I report any spammer that I see. It is annoying, though.


Please keep flagging as you see the spam. You’re doing a great job at it so far. We may start banning certain IP ranges, as there are patterns in the data.


Ok we added a certain range to the signup block list in the form:

Accounts from this particularly problematic range of IP addresses (above is just a sample) were responsible for a majority of the spam posts. Hopefully that will help!

And as always, please don’t hesitate to flag when you see problems, whether it is spam, incivility, duplicate topics… we love flags, that’s how we keep this forum clean and well lit together!

#6 looks like one class of addresess reserved for private networks. Spam is coming from neighbors in datacenter? :smile:


I was thinking it must be a rogue QA bot of some kind.


@codinghorror Yes, I was wondering this as well. That’s a Class B Private subnet.


He did say

‘Above is just a sample’

Ie not the actual addresses blocked.