Rob on Colbert Report this Wednesday


In case you missed the tweet…

Soylent    ‏ @soylent     18m
Catch @robrhinehart on the Colbert Report this Wednesday!  We're pretty excited to see @StephenAtHome become a #soylentpioneer


That’s awesome! I hope there’s an update.


Set mytivo thx vanclute


Got the dvr set.


Pretty funny to see “Software engineer Rob Rhinehart” listed in the description. I’m sure most people who see that will be like - WTF? Who the hell is that? LOL


Prepare yourselves for a wave of new folks, and lots of repeated questions.

The Colbert Bump cometh…


Yep, Colbert Bump. You can also watch The Colbert Report on the internet for free at


Not unless you use a VPN service you cant.
Or you live in the US…


Get ready for 1 million new orders :x:


Dear Santa, I know it is early but even with your Santa magic you’re gonna need the extra time. All I want for Christmas this year is several tons of brown rice protein past customs and delivered to Rosa Labs. A nationwide fleet of delivery drivers who get off on efficient and quick package delivery. And a liger cub I can raise in time for the next Sakura Con.
So it is written let it be done!


@JulioMiles @codinghorror You guys ready?



For those of us who are not in the US, can you share in a few words what is the Colbert Report ?


It’s a left-leaning political and news satire show. The host, Stephen Colbert (hence the name), typically spends the first half or two thirds of the show as a “right wing” caricature discussing the news and politics of the day and then at the end interviews someone who is usually promoting a show/product/book/movie.


@gambit Thanks. So it’s unusual to have a tech entrepreneur there ?


I’m really excited but at the same time, i’m a bit worried how the exchange between Rob and Stephen is going to play out. Personality- wise, they’re total opposites with Rob being the cold, calculating type, and Stephen being ironic and satirical.
Also, I cant really imagine Stephen getting excited over Soylent. Instead, I see a bewildered Colbert wondering why anyone would give up meals for nutrition in a cup.

Fingers crossed everything turns out better than I imagine.


Im certain colbert is gonna throw some zingers that rob isnt gonna have the best retort for. But bad publicity is better than no publicity


it’s in the same style as “The Daily Show” and “Last Week Tonight”. I recommend giving any of those shows a look on youtube :slight_smile: they can be entertaining and “informational”


I would say the make up of guests is fairly tilted toward Hollywood types, but Rob certainly won’t be the first entrepreneur on the show. I would temper any expectations you have for hearing anything new or interesting during this interview as it is primarily for entertainment value, so it will probably start with some discussion of Charlton Heston eating people, a little mention of the “higher purpose” of Soylent (alleviating world hunger, ect), and then end with a shout out something like “Thanks to Rob for visiting, Soylent is available now!”

The biggest problem that @antiman77 and @Rowas allude to is that many of the people who watch the show have a devotion to Colbert and don’t particularly care what most of the guests say so there is a tendency for Colbert to run over his guests and scarcely let them get a word in while he scores “zingers” to the delight of his audience. Obviously Rosa Labs has decided that this possibility is worthwhile as long as they get the advert at the end.


You may be surprised at the wit that hides in that mild mannered Mr. Rhinehart. He is quite the clever guy.