@Rob reddit AMA at 11am PST today

Soylent CEO @RobRhinehart will participate in a reddit AMA at 11am PST: http://www.reddit.com/r/soylent

@rob will be doing an AMA on Reddit today.


You beat me too it! :cry: AMA in 20 minutes.


I have questions, now I just need to learn how to reddit in the next 20 minutes… could someone provide a link straight to the AMA?

  1. What are your thoughts on providing vitamins D2 and K1 rather than D3 and K2?
  2. Any info you can share about convergence plans for the powdered and liquid product composition?
  3. Any info you can share about future rumored product releases such as flavorings?
  4. What are you thoughts on near term and long term protein source for the products, and the negative perception of using soy protein isolate in version 2.0?
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Here’s the direct link:


Why did my dad leave Rob? Why?

You said I could ask you anything.


This guy…


Unfortunately I wasn’t around earlier when he was answering, but I am reading through it now. A lot of good information tidbits throughout.

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Great AMA! I look forward to the next one!

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I am not a reditt user and the question and answer format seems confusing to me. But if i understood it correctly. For these questions from reddit users:

‘’ What’s with the white plastic coating on the outside of Soylent 2.0 bottles? It’s only covering a plain white bottle, seems wasteful.’’

‘‘Could you do it like orange juice bottles? Where the tamper-evident tear-off material only covers the opening of the bottle inside the cap?’’

Rob? answered : I would love that too. We’re working on it but it is really hard to seal well enough to prevent spoilage, especially with how nutritious soylent is, especially without requiring refrigeration.

Cant the same be done with cardboard packs (white plastic coating?)? to preserve freshness? Shipping in cardboard packs may also cut down on material and shipping costs.

Or tetrapaks! Cardboard packs like tetrapaks are used in many countries to ship and store milk, and the milk in those can be used for 5 days even after opening, and without opening for 20 days. Given that soylent lasts a year in plastic bottles (while milk lasts only a few days in plastic bottles), i think soylent could last a year in tetrapaks too. I hope they test this angle.

Why would cardboard be a better material than plastic?

We look at hundreds of packaging options. The choices we make are not so black and white. As rob said this is out first liquid run, we will change over time.


Plastic is harder on the environment. takes fossil fuels and more water to make, also disposing them too is harder on the environment as they are not biodegradable, also from what i have gathered from reading about plastic bottles here, recycling/reusing them is difficult. Using cardboard or tetrapaks could help/avoid? these issues while also help saving them material and shipping costs. And it also helps avoid the issue of chemicals in plastic leaching into the soylent.

@conor, I am just suggesting what i know.

Why would it save material or shipping costs?

There aren’t any chemicals in the plastic leaching into the Soylent as far as I’m aware.

Isnt a cardboard box cheaper than a plastic one? Isnt it lighter than a plastic one leading to reduction in shipping costs.

With regard to soylent i too dont have definite proof as no study was conducted on soylent with regard to leaching to my knowledge, but since chemicals from plastic containers leach into food usually, a possibility exists with soylent too. They should test for that. With cardboard/tetrapaks there wont be this issue.

No and no, I think are the answers to those two questions.

I don’t think chemicals from plastics usually leak into foods, it takes some kind of damage to the container like UV rays or high temperature.


Tetra Paks are a bit of a nightmare when it comes to recycling/composting:

How Tetra Paks are made

Tetra Paks are ubiquitous in our lives, used to carry everything from dairy to juice to food to wine. And just as they’re diverse in their uses, Tetra Paks are also diverse in how they’re made. Unlike milk cartons, which are made mostly of just paper and a little bit of plastic, consider all of the layers that go into producing a single Tetra Pak:

• Polyethylene plastic layer #1 to protect against moisture from the outside
• Paper layer to add stiffness and strength
• Polyethylene plastic layer #2 for adhesion
• Aluminum foil layer as a barrier against oxygen, flavor loss, and light (to prevent nutrient loss)
• Polyethylene plastic layer #3 for adhesion
• Polyethylene plastic layer #4 to seal against leakage of liquid out of container

Not really an environmentally sound option. Soylent’s bottles should be recyclable most places, which is at least something.


A little bit of future product discussion yesterday:

I had not seen a solid product announced until now:

I think most of us knew these were coming, but it’s nice to hear that they’re in testing:

Last but certainly not least was the announcement of Soylent Socks®:

No word yet on whether Soylent Socks® will be available to the public.

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He also mentioned that the next iteration of the powdered version will have more protein and a lower GI. But other than that would not change much.


Yes and yes, i think are answers to those questions.

And i think even without damage, chemicals from plastic could leak into foods.

@asympt, i only mentioned tetrapaks for increased shelf life. I also mentioned normal cardboard packs like the ones milk is stored and shipped. But nothing in your post suggests tetrapaks are not recyclable. Also inspite of using that many layers, the actual amount of plastic is less than in plastic only bottles. Also the current plastic bottles are not recycled in many places.

You’re wrong about cardboard being cheaper or lighter, and plastic leaching without damage.

There are actual problems with plastic: it requires a small amount of fossil fuels in its creation, and it’s not biodegradable. The advantages of plastic: durable, cheap to produce, light weight, and impermeable. I’d prefer we use a material with all the advantages of plastic but without those two disadvantages, but cardboard is not that material.

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How am i wrong?

I know there are problems with plastic. And to my knowledge tetrapaks come closest to those conveniances, i am not aware of any other, if you are do share.