Rob Rhinehart AMA -- Completed

Ask Soylent inventor Rob anything in his AMA tomorrow (June 19) from 11am - 2pm (pst)! Find it at**


Sweet! :thumbsup: 

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Actually they lowered the sweetness.


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Thank you @inquirerer :ok_hand:

Here is the direct link:

EDIT: Completed now. See the link for all his answers. Lots of interesting discussions.


Rob’s making a heck of a lot of news in this AMA. The future looks very interesting.


Lots of interesting tidbits for sure. I commend him for doing the interview.

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Can someone compile a decent list of his responses, those that may contain noteworthy information?

“It may be the potassium gluconate. We’ve heard complaints about that and are moving away from that in the next version.” -rob
1.6 will have a different potassium source it seems :stuck_out_tongue: looking forward to see how that changes things


Do you have a timeframe on the lower price?

Rob’s Answer:

It is a primary goal. We’ve reached huge company milestones in only a
year: product improvements, real time fulfillment, international
expansion, but I am personally disappointed that we have not yet lowered
the price.

I see price reductions as a primary goal, but demand is really strong
right now and we can use the money to invest more in R&D. Still, I
don’t see what we want to do on the research side as being crazy
expensive and I would like to pass on our cost savings to customers
sooner rather than later.


I definitely need a railgun.


I swear to god theyre gonna make a movie about Rob one day and it’s just gonna be called “Cliff Hanger”. But thats most engineers I guess.

There were some novel questions. Unfortunately a good deal of it was stuff already discussed around the forums, like avoiding retail and probiotics and putting R&D before price drops.

I have to say I was expecting that answer.

I’m sorry, everyone.

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I definitely wasn’t expecting him to verify flavor packs or solid Soylent mealbars that they were working on. He revealed a lot of stuff that had only been speculation and unverified previously.


Makes me curious what info he was holding out on. It’s possible that they’re a decent way into the process of developing flavorings and meal bars, etc., since Rob felt comfortable revealing that information.

Taste mix-ins!!! I really wanted something like that for a while!

If there is ever packs, please include “sampler pack” that has one each flavor. that way people can see what they like and don’t like.