Rob Rhinehart doesn't like 'Soylent'; can we call it Manna?


Good reason why:


no this will get both religious and nonreligious people mad


I think he said in one of his blogs that he considered this, but that the trademark situation surrounding the word is an absolute nightmare given that it is used by so many fantasy games and whatnot.


How about instead of Manna (the foodstuff from the bible) we consider calling it mana, as the traditional magic counter from roleplaying games like Final Fantasy? That way it would appeal to tabletop gamers.

Incidentally this is the first thing that came to mind when I saw the title of this post.


post above yours bae


Hahaha. That actually would still be cool.
Considering it would then have the double-meaning but still be appropriate.
It also means ‘power’:

Also if Soylent becomes commercially successful I’m sure they’ll brand it to hell, so a Soylent product called ‘mana’ probably isn’t out of the question.


How about Base.

Basic Alternative Sustenance Experiment



Lol that’ll be great until the Based God references start lol…


the name soylent is the reason people know about this stuff so a change isnt really needed


Rob Rhinehart doesn’t like ‘Soylent’

And … where did you discern this information?


According to people who believe in ancient astronauts, manna was really alien soylent.


So… the conclusion here is… Rob is an alien? God? An alien God?


So… the conclusion here is… Rob is an alien? God? An alien God?

a based god


In his blog he states that he’s not all that fond of the name ‘Soylent’ either but that he feels it serves the purpose of dispelling notions of oddity by associating it with something even more odd, and therefore making it humorous and allowing a deeper discussion of Soylent.

He explains it a little better, though.


Please, no religious stuff. This is about nutrition, which in itself is controversial enough. And if it has to be, at least chose some interesting reference. Monotheism is so boring. How about Thors Powder? Or Krishas Paste? Hades Dessert? :wink:

Seriously: I hope Rob does not listen to some “marketing” douches trying to talk him into streamlining it until all character is lost. I like Soylent. It is strange, quirky and actually has a cultural reference.


I like Soylent.
I believe Rob also considered “nom”, which I also like.


no no no



Call it lembas? Or waybread.


Ambrosia, clearly.


“Ambrosia” makes me think of my grandma and this stuff:

I still prefer “Soylent”