Rob Rhinehart interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson!


Tyson has a new video interview series on Facebook called Rising Stars with Neil deGrasse Tyson, and his second episode is an interview with Soylent CEO Rob Rhinehart!

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Soylent are two of my favorite things in the world, and I can’t believe they’re together in the same place!

My favorite part is when Tyson got @Rob to say “oh yeah” like that. It made my day. :wink:


Great interview. Got right to the point.


Dang, that went very well. Neil was super into it.


Incidently, someone suggested that Rob has become obese, or words to that effect. Not judging by these interview pictures.


Looks like he’s been working out.


I had watched the interview when it came out. I feel like it didn’t give Soylent a fair shake. Mostly just Dr. Tyson and Rob just shooting the breeze.


@rob at least could have arranged for the Soylent to be served cold, instead of room temperature. Not doing so was just poor planning.

Perhaps Rob could have added some Splenda or flavoring to the Soylent so Tyson could have gotten a sense of how most users experience drinking it.


Do most users experience Soylent with a flavoring? Maybe they do, I have no way to know… I just know that personally I only drink regular flavor. I will occasionally make a fruit smoothie with it, but that’s rare. I just found flavorings were totally unnecessary for me to enjoy Soylent, after a fair amount of experimentation early on.


I started adding Stevia to powdered Soylent starting with 1.3 because of your suggestion and have been adding it ever since. I drink liquid Soylent straight, however.


Hah that’s funny. Yeah I did that for a day or two but ultimately found it was just one more thing to have to deal with, and for me so much of Soylent’s appeal was the absence of prep. Heck even having to mix up powder was annoying, but at least that was all there was. Now with RTD I’m completely spoiled. LOL


Im just seeing this interview. Talk about contagious laughter


I usually have plain, but when I want to mix in some whey I use cacao. Whey+chocolate is nice, whey+plain is too milky. So I sometimes do use flavored Soylent.

My wife and daughter will occasionally have a cacao. They don’t like plain at all.


It’s funny how things go, I thought for sure I’d be all about flavoring my Soylent. But actually I found that when I did, I burned out on it fast. But I never get tired of “original”, though I certainly do sometimes just feel like having something else. It’s not because I don’t want Soylent, just that I do want the other thing.

I’m still super keen to try an actual vanilla flavored Soylent though.