Robobread finalized, Soylent alternative for $66 per month


I don’t think I can get it any better than this, don’t forget to view the notes.
As always, if you can get the flour in packages of 5kg, the overall monthly price would be below $60.

For completion sake maybe someone could recommend a single piece of food(fruit or something) that would fill the few remaining nutrients to 100%.


I love this. How does it taste?


Better than the most expensive bread I’ve ever bought from a store, with additional benefit of no additives/preservatives they usually put in for mass consumption.


I may try this with my oat flour. I will input my GNC vitamin mixture into your recipe to see if I can bring the remaining nutrients to 100%


I’ve actually noticed there is not much of a flour choice in major food chain stores here, can’t even find oat flour, the most exotic one is coconut flour which is super expensive.


I’ve always wanted a bread maker. I think I’ll get one after I move (in a month or two) and give something like this a try. Thanks for sharing!


Not so sure about the niacin manganese content - might be a tad excessive. @jrowe47 - what are your thoughts?


I’d be concerned about both the niacin and manganese content - the manganese moreso, since it can cause major nerve issues - the symptoms look like Parkinson’s disease. It’s bad for your liver, and accumulates like other metals in tissues. The major source of manganese is the wheat flour. I’d also replace some of the butter and mayo with soybean oil, to increase the vitamin k. Maybe run this through one of the recipe optimizers, as it’s pretty darn close to complete.


Manganese, from several reputable sources:
-men generally absorb less manganese than women; this may be related to the fact that men usually have higher iron stores than women
-foods high in phytic acid, such as beans, seeds, nuts, whole grains, and soy products, or foods high in oxalic acid, such as cabbage, spinach, and sweet potatoes, may slightly inhibit manganese absorption.
-there has never been a case where manganese overdose occurred through foods alone
-the process of baking

So, given these factors and how the value is only 4mg above the max value, I think it’s safe to say that an actual bread has much lower manganese value than what you see in the table.


I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about…

#11 - this is software that can take your ingredients and run multiple iterations of varying amounts to get the recipe as close to 100% on all counts. You can easily experiment and find optimal values for additional ingredients, like the soybean oil, or other nuts (or bananas for a banana bread version?)

I love your recipe - and you’re right about the manganese. The niacin is definitely high, but nowhere near dangerous doses (pharmacological doses range from 1.5g on up, under 1g is generally safe for healthy people, so 52mg isn’t worrying me greatly, even on an ongoing basis.)

Here’s the post for the soylent automatic recipe optimizer. Cool stuff :smile:


Do you have any cooking instructions? Do you just eat the vitamin pill? Do you grind up the seeds?


I can definitely see some of the advantages in a bread instead of liquid soylent. taking it to work or school would be far less strange.


I got tagged, so I ran the optimizer thing. I doubt it’s very helpful though. I don’t think it’s possible to get everything in the green without adding more ingredients, but here you go:


I’d add soybean oil , milk, potato flour, and oat flour. I’ll get the optimizer up and running when I get home later.


Also, chewing promotes neurogenesis, you can’t get that with Soylent.
Anyway, it looks like I’ll have to find something that contains folate, choline, molybdenum in a single food item.

If you have lactose intolerance you could replace milk powder with oat flour.


You could add a few eggs for choline and folate. Also, this recipe uses yeast, so it is likely that the yeast will grow a little and give you some more vitamins.