Robobread, Soylent alternative for $60 per month


As someone else suggested I finished the recipe after the regular Soylent didn’t pan out.
Behold, the Robobread.

Please read the notes first before posting any comments.


You should remove the vegan tag as it has butter and milk. Vegan is absainting from all animal products not just meat but dairy, fish, insects, and for many/most honey as well.

Humans has been sustaind by bread for centuries, this one sounds yummy.

The sunflower seed you are using look hulled, but do you grind them up or put them in whole?


First, I would like to say that I compared many seeds(sesame, rye, flax, pumpkin…) and sunflower definitely comes out at the top as containing the most nutrients given the cost.
The sunflower seeds listed are actually from a specialized company that uses no pesticides or additives in any of their products, there are some versions where the seeds are grounded. Haven’t decided yet.

Oh and this is a finished recipe, don’t mind the 80% completeness, just read the last paragraph in the notes, the only element that is actually missing is sulfur. Some nutrients I didn’t list because I couldn’t find any precise data so even those few below 100% are likely topped.

I’m gonna leave the vegan tag because there is no other proximate and people equate vegetarianism with veganism anyway.


Generally there is enough sulfur in the Sulfur Amino Acids in the protein and no supplementation is needed. I dont know about the breakdown of the specific protein sources you have used but you would need to calculate the sulfur content yourself though i am unsure how. Perhaps someone else could help.


why are those values at toxic levels? “Sodium (g) 1.5 599.911 2.3 > 5000%” I wouldn’t want to eat this bread if all those red values were correct :3 would probably get sick and die heheh, I assume there is an error in one of the items?


I was going to make a comment about salt as well. Your Sea Salt has 590 grams in only 10 grams of salt, physically impossible. Perhaps you meant 590 milligrams?


Fixed. Just an mg/g error.
I thought I was careful about hose types of errors, but apparently this one slipped by.


You are going to have to check all your ingredients. possibly reimport them from the USDA data base. Things like phosphorous in your whole wheat flour have a misplaced decimal as well and are 10 time what they should be. As well as sodium in your soy flour, 5 grams in only 28 g? i stopped examining your ingredients.

This looks like a very good recipe, just some of the nutrient amounts did not carry through properly for some reason. Instead of trying to fix it why not create a new one and reimport them from the USDA database?


Pulling from verified ingredients is best thing you could do for this recipe - looks good, but the red values aren’t just suggestions - they indicate the point at which the ingredient becomes toxic.


1.I fixed all the errors, it was just a decimal place with potassium, calcium and phosphorus, lol, I must have mistaken mili for 1/100 instead of 1/1000. have no way of knowing that the nutrient data on this site is more accurate than on nutritiondata site, differences are tiny anyway

3.I think what you see left missing to full 100% might be solved with fruity cream cheese, but like I said in the last paragraph in the notes, there are hundreds of products to choose from. Before this I always ate my sandwiches with mayo and garlic so that would actually be perfect to fill those holes. can get everything 10% cheaper if you buy in bulk, and of course if you live in a developed western country it will be cheaper by default


Heh, one thing is for sure… I wouldn’t want to live on your recipe :slight_smile:


Why not? How is this different from Soylent but you chew it instead for 5 minutes…


Well, still many values too high, too high carb to protein/fat ratio, too high manganese, niacin… excess values of things like B12 (5000+%?), other values way too low… Vitamin K, D, Choline, and such… quite a bit of fiber :3 , :slight_smile: I would rather take one of the more complete recipes then heh, I am not a big fan of very high values of vitamins and minerals even if they are not toxic. :slight_smile:


That’s a great effort, good job keeping the price down also. With a little more tweaking this could be perfect. Nicely done.


Doesnt Nutritiondata get their info directly from the USDA database anyway? Seems like more work to me. i think you moved the decimal too far on your sea salt’s sodium.

I can only read english so i am not sure about your dried milk; here in the US they have dried milk fortified with vitamin A and D, this would bring your A and D up.

Your Molybdenum. Sunflower seeds and whole wheat flower are referenced in several places as being “above average” in their Molybdenum content, though i have yet to find a number.

Just a bit more work and this recipe will be perfect. Have you tested it yet?


I second removing the Vegan tag, you’ll get some flak if you don’t, and it’s dishonest to those searching the tags. Add Vegetarian to your recipe title if you want it to be recognized as such. There are many recipes that would qualify as vegetarian, but don’t come close to vegan. Vegan is a hard point to reach.


Just a couple of more things, if anyone finds this useful.

I talked to a pharmacist and here is what she said:
-Vitamin K is usually not an ingredient of multivitamin products due to the possibility of settling and having negative effects on blood clotting, it can be found in lucerna clover and green vegetables
-this is also the case with sulfur, it comes as MSM and can be found in products for joints and bones like Joint Protex, also in garlic, onions, leek and cauliflower
-you get Vitamin D by exposing yourself to the sun, about 15-20 min, I’m sure that’s achievable for everyone

She also said some negative things about the whole idea of Soylent, but I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. Basically it comes down to the lack of full knowledge on how human organism absorbs and processes elements.

Regarding the Robobread taste, if you want you can add 2TBSP of sugar or molasses.


I really love the idea of a soylent style bread. I’ve always really liked bread and it is more fun to eat than homogenized thick slurry, and easier to flavor. The person who was paying for my food just left so it might be worth my while to step to something like this. Anybody have reports on what it (or a similar bread) tastes like?


Your recipe still needs some work as others have mentioned, omega 6 is super high as well. I’ve thought about turning soylent into bread but havent tried it yet, I have made some super yummy oatmeal cookies.


That really depends on how much stuff is lost due to the process of baking, doesn’t it?
And some elements are more prone to this than others, so what if you get omega 6 to exactly 100% and then when you bake it it’s less than 50%, so wouldn’t higher percentage at the start be better?
(lol, your omega 3 is over 600%)