Rob's birthday?


Saw a tweet this morning wishing @rob a happy birthday. Is this so? If so, Happy Birthday big guy!! Someone needs to bake you a Soylent cake!


Yeah, happy happy, Rob.


Actually it’s Bastille day. Oh and Rob’s bithday. Happy birthday


I wonder how many 'like’s we can get on this topic… :slight_smile:
Happy birthday Rob! :birthday:


Where’s the cake? I demand cake. The cake must not be a lie.


Are we sure it’s @rob 's birthday or are we just proceeding regardless?


Hey. It’s an excuse for celebratory cake. Don’t look too closely.


Just add frosting, right?

Happy Birthday, Rob!


Never look a gift-cake in the mouth. That’s an approach I can get behind.


Well, I guess I’ll be making Soylent brownies for my birthday tomorrow. Might have to get the ice cream machine fired up too :slight_smile:
I’d invite @rob over, but i don’t think he’s anywhere near my place.


Happy birthday @rob postmustbeatleast20words


Happy birthday, @rob!!!


Thanks everyone! No cake but I got to spend the day at a flavor house.

Here’s to many many many many many many more.


I gotta ask… what the heck is a “flavor house”?


Flavor chemistry is extremely complex and there are a number of technology companies, for example, Givaudan (~$5 billion in revenue last year!) that have scientists and equipment to develop flavor systems for food and fragrances for perfumes.

The innocuous “natural and artificial flavors” ingredient on the label may abstract away as many as 60 different chemicals.

Combining 2 different flavor chemicals often produces an entirely unique sensation than either in isolation, so as you can imagine, the potential solution space for flavor experience is nearly infinite. A recent paper placed a lower bound of roughly 1 trillion unique sensations, the vast majority of which have never been encountered since we have been constrained by “natural” flavors.

The scientists at this particular flavor house all agreed that artificial flavors are superior. How frustrating that consumers are demanding inferior, expensive natural flavors.

Would you like to know more? Enjoy the following textbook -

"natural and artificial flavors" in 2.0

What are your plans regarding Soylent? And will new flavours clear up the gas problem?


At least I can imagine getting flavoured Soylent, when it finally arrives :wink:

Sorry that needed to be done.

Have a good one.


Hehe I can just imagine the different gas fragrances to choose from… Mustard gas, roses, natural, chilli con carne etc.


Happy birthday, Rob! Also, get out and have a couple beers.


Chemicals are chemicals. I do not care if they are natural or man-made, only that they are non-toxic and not carcinogens.

Hopefully you are busy finding some chemicals to make my Soylent taste like bananas!