Rob's Bloodwork


I want to preface this by this phrase “I am not a physician. Always consult your physician for medical advice.”

From looking at the last few months of bloodwork (at least, what’s available) from Rob, it appears he may be developing thyroid issues (or already had them). This is based off the calcium levels getting higher and higher, as well as the MCH levels greater than 33. Also, the white blood cell count keeps getting lower. I haven’t seen month three, but based on these indications, it seems a likely cause for the lower white blood cell count is malnutrition. I’m curious why page 3 was cut off the 2 month paperwork.

So, Rob, if you are reading this, you might want to have your thyroid checked by your physician.

In any case, I’d love to try this myself, but at $3 per meal, it’s not less expensive than what I’m eating now.


@Rob, can you give us feedback? And saying you feel fine is not good enough.


Curious about this as well.


There was some minor Thyroid thing in my bloodwork too 3 weeks ago, but we assumed it to be normal for me since I am a very special type…

Will get bloodwork again in a week or 2, maybe that will help with this too, to see if anything changes for me. :slight_smile:

Has anyone else gotten their blood and noticed anything like this, or is it just Rob and me?


Ben, on your soylent recipe, have you adjusted anything to take into account your thyroid “problem”? Is there anything added or taking away to account for this?


No, because I don’t see it as a problem, I have not adjusted anything.
I assume that it always was that way, but the next tests will show. for my blood btw.


I’m sorry can you post links to robs bloodwork? I can only find march(with the missing page 3) which actually showed a few other things slightly out of range.


That seems to be bloodwork for a different person. A “Sam Benedikt” not a Rob Reinhart


That’s because its his blood test, not rob’s.


While perhaps not ideal, my MCH levels are not really worth worrying about. Some labs consider <33 normal, others <34 normal.

Before soylent it was 32.8 and is now around 34. It’s not nearly high enough to be a cause for concern, and any deviation from center is much more likely due to my drinking alcohol than a B12 or other deficiency.

WBC should be rather low unless one is fighting off a sickness or disease.

Page 3 of March’s blood work was blank, just header info and the doc’s signature so I did not include it.

I’ll get another round of blood work done when I get back to CA. Any other tests you are curious to see?


Electrolytes and a hemoglobin a1c (see how your blood sugars been doing over time) . So the march tests are the only ones you had done rob?


@rob First congratulations on the massive success! Just a thought as things are ramping up and such, when its possible a premium version organic/no GMO would be great. I’d be happy to pay a healthy(har har) increase $ over the standard version. Many thanks for getting this goig and I look forward to using Soylent.


WBC should be within a range considered ‘normal’. Yours was on the rather low end, which by itself means nothing, but seeing a pattern over time of it decreasing seems like it would signify something.

Anyway, as far as other tests, a urinalysis would be good. I’d be curious if the high calcium is present in the urine as well. Perhaps you’re not getting enough vitamin D?


Poor @rob! He’s gonna feel like an over-analysed lab animal before this is all done. Wonder what it feels like to have the whole world scrutinising every little fluctuation in your blood work and speculating on it. Better you than me, Robbie me bye! :wink:


Jeff, I think he’s brought this on himself really. If he is “doing away with food” it has to be in a way that is healthy and will work for the long term. I believe so far he’s proven that, but I just had some questions about bloodwork. I see he’s had many volunteers and several people here are trying their own mixes, which is great.

I think that this time it may warrant a “clinical trial” however that is usually reserved for drugs, not nutrition. So, it probably won’t happen as such. What we’ll get is anecdotal evidence that it is working for some people, and the recommendation that it not be the only source of calories (similar to how weight loss drinks or nutrition supplements are labeled now). I imagine that if it were marketed as an ‘eating replacement’ then you’d face lawsuits after someone died due to a heart attack and then you’d have to prove that your product didn’t induce this in court, which could end up in hefty legal fees, etc. I would like to see what people here think of nutraloaf, kongbap, and pemmican. I would also like to see this go from a “powdered mix” to more of a solid, perhaps in a “product two” offering. I imagine that if it’s cheaper than nutraloaf, some prisons would be interested.


To quote Super-Chicken, “He knew the job was dangerous when he took it.”


He did, indeed. No argument from me on that score. Rob’s going where I wouldn’t dare to go and I know it. From where I sit, it’s a big journey into the Land of Unintended Consequences. Just like Cristobal Colon!


In any case, there are some things that may take years to show up.


As much test data as possible, ie blood work, cognitive tests, etc. I’d like to see a graph of every relevant metric over each month of consuming soylent . If others also joined in posting their results, it would make me less worried about changing to soylent for the majority of my meals.