Rob's most recent blood test results?


Please forgive me if I’ve missed it, but can anyone tell me if there is any information regarding recent blood work for Rob? The most recent thread that I saw was from June. It mentioned the possibility of his thyroid being affected and I wanted to know if that possibility had been confirmed, or put to rest. That outcome is very important for me personally as I’m hoping to embark on a Soylent experiment (once the final product comes out) to help me heal from adrenal overload/hormone imbalance/low thyroid issue. I’ve been reading non stop on the forum for two days now, trying to gather all the information I can to make certain I don’t make the health issues that I have worse.

I see that he posts here regularly, I’m not sure how to tag him to see that he sees this message. Thanks for any info that can be provided!


To tag an individual, you use the @ sign, like @rob, and he will be notified. I haven’t seen any discussion on thyroid issues, and people around here are pretty quick to jump on problems. It’s a great question, though, and I’d love to hear any news, myself.


Thank you. It seems that people here are pretty quick to jump on issues, which is why I thought it strange that there was no follow up to the “Rob’s Bloodwork” thread. I haven’t come across a lot of discussion about particular health issues and how they’ve responded to either DIY soylent, or the experiences anyone from the beta test group have had. And as far as I can tell, Rob has been using soylent the longest so if any non-pre-existing issues were going to crop up, I’d think it would be with him.


I am interested as well since my wife has a thyroid issue. I’d like to have an update on @Rob’s situation to help gauge whether she should try it when my pre-order arrives.