Rosa Labs gave me a sticker!


Thanks guys! Put it on my computer so everyone knows it’s powered exclusively by Soylent.

I always love free stuff. I’ll be a customer for life if you guys keep up on dis course!


My last order said ‘sticker’ on the invoice but nothing showed up. Nice NUC.


Same here. I got an invoice that said “sticker” and there wasn’t one in the box. Then with the next delivery the invoice also said “sticker,” but this time there was one. :grin: I’m not much of a sticker person but I’m sure I’ll find somewhere to put it.


Like on the back of your favorite super-foodie’s car? :wink:


Mine had sticker, it was inside box tab. Maybe look around closer to inside of external box?


Almost missed mine. Was under the box tab. If I hadn’t looked explicitly for it, I wouldn’t have seen.


I’ll double check, thx.


Also no sticker
Did open outer box fully as I flatten it it and put in recycle.
Nothing else in the box or stuck to the flaps.
Should mention this was shipped out of the new lenox IL location

I also have a rip in the box, maybe it fell out?




I have a decent backup supply at all times, so I finally got to opening my first box that said it had a sticker on the invoice… no sticker. :frowning: I triple checked everywhere in all boxes.


The stickers are small. A little less than 3 inches. Very easy not to even notice it.


I now have 2 stickers!!! Numbers 2 and 3 of 4. I’ve got to collect them ALL! If my luck holds out, I will have the whole set in 2 more months!!!


Last month got

Yesterday got

and today, got the free blender bottle and it came with!


I’ve finally gotten a couple stickers. I’d say about half of my boxes that say they have a sticker actually have a sticker in them (and I definitely tore the boxes fully apart trying to find them).


Same here. I think I’ve had at least six boxes that said they had stickers, but I received only three. Some of them were just about to fall out of the box so I assume that the rest actually did.


Yup I found my second sticker on the floor after purposely being super careful cuz I knew there was gonna be a sticker (it says so on the shipping email) so I’m pretty sure people are losing them.


I have received a billion stickers (OK, I exaggerate). I think I have four different kinds. I order a lot of Soylent, I guess.


I need the truck sticker!!! What is the fourth sticker??? Maybe I will need that even more!


I only have soylent logo one. Nice.


I have the logo, a bottle, a truck, and a case. It might be that I get different kinds of Soylent.