Rosa Labs gave me a sticker!


Collect all 4 and earn a reward :slight_smile:


Is the reward a decoder ring?


Nah a single solid gold soylent bottle. :wink:


I know the reward is the feeling of satisfaction knowing you completed the set!


I actually have five: one logo is black letters on white background, the other is white letters on a black background.


One of those may be error print.

I got the box of bottles sticker, lets see when I get other 3.


Does anyone know if they’re including the stickers with Amazon shipments or just with orders? I got the bottle sticker with my last shipment from but I just switched over to Amazon for most of my supply.

If they are giving the shaker bottles to more than just original backers (I’ve been Soylenting since August '15) and one can only get it through a order, I might have to reconsider that move.