Rosa Labs is testing a prototype Soylent paste

Source: New Harvest on Instagram

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Algae protein in the paste prototype

Soylent booth at Frieze New York Art Fair

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I wonder what their ideal target macro profile is. The trend certainly seems to be away from carbs. To that end, it will be interesting to see how much 1.6 moves towards (or beyond?) 2.0.

It will also be interesting to see if Soylent 3.0 turns out to be paste rather than solid (is paste considered solid or liquid?)

A 400-500 kcal paste pack similar to the 100 kcal Gu energy gel packs might be an interesting form factor as well as perhaps being more appropriate for the quantity of algal oil they’d like to use (more so than a powder or solid). It would also fall somewhere between the powder and liquid with regard to shipping cost…

real space food. just a pouch you squeeze

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We designed it to work functionally with our soon to be announced rocket.


getting ready for a trip to Mars.

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But can paste be eaten everyday? Will the form factor be convenient to eat

That said, i really like that they have managed to nail down algae based protein.


Now that I’ve done some more googling, I think they’re actually just using the Whole Algae Protein that Solazyme sells. It doesn’t look balanced enough to be to use as the main source of protein (PDCAAS is 0.51) and is apparently only 63% protein by weight to begin with so must be a pain to plan around. Guess that’s why it’s only a prototype.

Edit: Source for the two numbers I just pulled out of my hat


It seems like it could be difficult to get all of the paste out of the pouch.

And I can’t help but think it’s going to taste like poi. I am not a fan of poi.

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You would buy thoth paste, solid and liquid forms. Liquid as a snack-like, paste as a breakfast and solid as a lunch.

Can I brush my teeth with it? :smirk:


you shove a tube down your throat and just squeeze the paste into your stomach but you leave the tube in there so you don’t have to remove it and insert it every day

I dont know man, swallowing a tube seems like it will be pretty painful. Why dont you try it first and tell us how it goes? If it ends well, i will try it. How does that sound?

FYI, if the tube makes it to the other end you’ve gone too far, just pull it back a little.

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Speaking from experience?

:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

One thing missing for your comment…do no evil.

I told my wife that once.

[edit] *ex-wife

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