Rosa Labs should be hiring from within these ranks


The Soylent folks have said on multiple occasions how they are hiring just as fast as they can and that they are severely short-handed on customer service reps. They don’t even do any support in the forum anymore because they can’t dedicate anyone to staying on top of it. There are some unpaid volunteer mods here, but all they really are for is moderating/closing threads that get out of hand.

It seems to me like a no brainer to hire customer service people from within the forum. There is absolutely no need for them to be on-site in the corporate offices - it’s 2015 for crying out loud folks. I think they would find no more loyal, dedicated, or passionate help than some of the active participants in this forum. If they had someone whose job was dedicated to forum support - i.e. seeing customer complaints and reaching out to that customer personally, looking up their order details, phoning them, changing information as required, confirming re-orders, etc. - I suspect things would be a LOT less grumpy around here, and there would be a whole lot more good will towards Rosa Labs as a company, and enthusiasm about Soylent in general.

I can’t fathom a good reason why this hasn’t happened already. I’ve even seen multiple people volunteer for the job! It would be an awfully cheap solution in the long run for RL.

Come on folks… something needs to give. Seriously.


I would work for Soylent. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


See, case in point. :slight_smile:


seems like it would be at least a good idea to have a thread where they post job openings, just in case the person they are looking for is on this forum


Having a Canadian on board would be a good thing, but I doubt they could afford the beer required to pay me.


I think a better idea would be to use the folks on the forum who’ve complained about gas issues to be the beta testers for new versions.


I would do it. But I didn’t meet the requirements they listed in their job listing (I don’t understand why customer service requires a bachelor’s degree…)


I’m on here everyday anyway, wouldn’t mind getting paid to help out, but I wouldn’t meet their listed requirements either. Oh well, guess I’ll just keep on helpin’ for free. :wink:

I know there are at least a few folks here that could add some value to their team, but so far they haven’t seemed very interested in harvesting from this group.


I would love to work for Rosa Labs, I’ve worked in the customer service field for almost 3 years now here in San Diego. ;( I don’t have experience with ZenDesk? however I do have experience with another email platform.

Oh well… Atleast if they ever do consider hiring from the forum, many people (myself included) would be rushing to apply.


If you are otherwise qualified for the job… you should apply for it… doesn’t hurt trying.


:stuck_out_tongue: All that being said, they should almost pay @MentalNomad for all those awesome posts he makes in regards to their scientific content. (But I doubt MentalNomad would be interrested in a full time job as customer support haha, he seems way over qualified for such a title)


Zendesk is trivial… you can even sign up for a free account yourself just to see how it works. I’ve used it for years in my business. It’s cheap & works.


Thanks, @Tordenskjold. I appreciate the compliment, and truth be told, I just finished my MBA and am actually looking for my next job… but doing line-level customer support is not at the top of my career list!


If they shipped to Europe I’d gladly take part of my payment in Soylent.